Be a Guest Collaborator


If you clicked the link bringing you here, it’s likely because you are, at the very least, curious about writing. But you probably have some questions. That’s totally normal. Allow me to try to answer some of them for you.

How does it work?

This website is constructed using WordPress. If you’re familiar with it, it will be walk in the pen. If not, you will see that it’s quite simple. No programming knowledge necessary, WordPress offers an easy to use format similar to any program we use every day.

  1. First, you inform me of your interest in contributing. You will need to provide me with the following:
    • A Username
    • Your email address
    • The first initial of your given name and your entire last name.
  2. I will create a profile for you and give you access.
  3. You will be receiving an email asking to reset your password, then another email asking you to activate your account.
  4. When you’re ready to write, you will go to and Login.
  5. You can login anytime, go to your Dashboard and start writing. You can save your work and come back later to finish it if need be.

I’m not the best with grammar

That’s okay. Only you and I will see your article. Do your best and I will be doing the editing myself, as after you submit the article, it will be referred to me to publish.

How often do I have to write?

As often or as seldom as you want. There are no obligation, no minimum requirement. Remember, you are a Guest Collaborator.

Does it pay?

You will get as much as I get: the satisfaction of having people read you, including the accolades or criticism. Seriously, I am doing this as a pastime and don’t make money out of it. So no, there is no monetary compensation.

How do I get started?

Sending me a message through Twitter or Facebook is prefered, but you can even send me an email at

So… what are you waiting for? Grab the bull by the horns!