Musical Tastes Transformation: The Age of Time

It’s amazing what time does on someone. The first thing we think of is age taking its toll on the body and I certainly am not going to deny this. Remember the sound of the Snap, Crackle, Pop in your bowl when eating Rice Krispies? You can still hear it when you’re older, but it’s coming from your body when trying to get up instead. You also soon realize that what used to take a few hours to recuperate from now takes days, if not weeks. You used to balance on a log crossing a creek? Keeping your balance trying to put your underwear on while standing up represents an even bigger challenge today. Basically, what used to be easy just isn’t as simple anymore. But there are good sides and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Music is one of them.

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If Someone Opens Up To You, Listening Is Key

There’s no denying that Bell started a well worthy initiative with the “Bell Let’s Talk” day. Every year, Bell encourages the general population, whether it’s their current clients or not, to promote the importance of mental health. And when we do so, they donate money towards mental health initiatives. Too many suffer in silence, in a very dark place, and put up a front to make you think that everything is okay. Well it’s NOT okay. They’re not okay. They must open up and talk to someone, anyone they choose, and let their dark thoughts out. Doing so is not weakness folks. It’s one of the hardest things to do. So when they finally gather the courage to talk, do we know how to listen?

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