A New Position for Burke and Poor Journalism

A week ago, the Montreal Canadiens surprised many when they (finally) fired two of their coaches. Head coach Claude Julien was let go and so was Associate coach Kirk Muller. They were replaced, as everyone knows, by the Habs’ former Assistant coach Dominique Ducharme and the team promoted the Laval Rocket’s Assistant Alex Burrows to do the same job in Montreal. A week later, it’s Goaltenders’ coach Stephane Waite‘s turn to lose his job and he will be replaced by the teams’ Western scout Sean Burke. The former NHL goaltender takes on the title of Director of Goaltending, a new position within the team.

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All For One And One For All, United We Stand Divided We Fall

This great quote is from Alexandre Dumas, original author of The Three Musketeers. But for the sake if this article, there will be four musketeers. Four guys who are part of the backbone of their team, two of them known as great leaders and top talents. Four veterans, playing key minutes for the Bleu, Blanc, Rouge. They wear no cape and long boots, nor do they wear poofy shirts. Instead, they sport the Sainte-Flanelle. They don’t fight with a sword, as they have hockey sticks to earn a living. Right now though, they’re missing in action. And that spells trouble for a team searching for their heroes.

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