Habsterix No More

It was fun while it lasted, over 10 years or so. But the adventures of Habsterix are over. You see, over the years, this self-created character coming from a mix of a die-hard Habs’ fans and the famous cartoon hero has fought his battles and spared no efforts while having his shares of struggles. Habsterix has resisted to the end to the countless nonsense from the invasion of popular beliefs and the cruelties that came with them. He fought hard this entire time against political correctness, he battled unfairness and has always made a point to show the other side of the medal, the often forgotten side of each story.

However, the magic potion is gone and 2020 got the better of this valiant fighter. COVID-19 has hit hard and seems to have taken the little bit of intelligence and common sense there was left in this world. The participation trophy crowd is now offended by everything and anything, cops are now bad guys in the eyes of too many people and small groups of irrational individuals are winning the battle of guilt as the silent majority is sitting on their hands doing nothing to fight for what they believe in… in fear of being catalogued as racist, bigot or intolerant. That fear of harsh words from the too easily offended has made this an unbearable situation where even little heros from Gaule are giving up.

I recently moved to beautiful Nakusp, British Columbia, in an early retirement. My health, both physical and mental, isn’t what it used to be and as many aging people find out in life, our level of patience for nonsense is getting thinner as the age and experience pile on. We’ve seen enough to know better and when the world is heading in the wrong direction, when injustice is getting bigger than justice itself, you eventually give up on trying to explain why that is. This society is breaking down, self imploding and Habsterix can’t do anything about it. The world is being given plenty of rope and instead of putting it to good use, they’re making the mistake of hanging themselves with it. You see, I’m a strong believer than when you pee against the wind, you’re the one who’s bond to get wet.

I have an amazing property, 5 acres backing on to Crown Land, with a stunning view of the Selkirk Mountain range. I have a beautiful girlfriend, two amazing daughters and two grandchildren, and I have a great life ahead of me. I live in wildlife paradise and as most of you know, my other passion is hunting. I’m building myself a meat shop with walkin cooler for my game, as well as a butcher shop attached where I plan on processing my harvests. I go straight from home on my quad to hunt and fish. I keep myself busy on my little acreage by finding projects to do. Hockey has now taken a backseat, particularly in the summer months, to everything else.

Oh I still love my Habs, a team that I’ve been cheering for since the 60’s. But I can go without the pseudo-experts online. I can go without the self-proclaimed “most knowledgeable fans in the world”. I can go without the pissing wars, the disses and insults from people who think they know it all. I have made many friends over the years online. I have also pissed off a lot of people and this isn’t me. I don’t take life seriously. I love to laugh, exchange in light fashion, amicably. I have absolutely zero tolerance for those who we call Snowflakes, the easily offended by everything.

So Habsterix is hanging his sword, sitting back and relaxing, and letting the young blood thirsty wolves fight amongst themselves. JD however isn’t done though. JD is not going to try to convince anyone that they’re wrong even when everyone knows that they are. Nope. JD is going to call it like he sees it, whether he’s right or not. So on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram or on this blog, opinions will be shared and will leave no doubt that it’s opinions, not necessarily facts. There will be hockey talks. There will be life talks. I will share experiences and, yes, wisdom at times. It is up to you readers to decide if it’s for you or not. But like Habsterix, I won’t count followers or likes, as I don’t do this for money or popularity. I do it as a passion, because I love writing and that is what gets my heart ticking. Readers beware.