Enough is Enough – PROUD CANADIAN!

We live in a society of easily offended. It’s a population of ungratefulness with no regards for anything or anyone else but themselves. Who cares what others think or how they feel? A society of “go big or go home”, where it’s all or nothing. Too little is done rationally, as political correctness prevails against common sense. People are so used to having everything they want at the tip of their fingers that they live with a sense of entitlement. Participation trophies not to hurt feelings. Blaming police when criminals are being roughed up a bit. In fact, this text will surely offend many. No wait… that’s not fair. To borrow a phrase from Country Star Luke Bryan, “I believe most people are good.” It’s just that the Snowflakes are loud and… get away with their non-sense.

“Baby it’s cold outside”, a Christmas classic (or holiday, in political correctness), is supposedly promoting date rape drugs but leave some of today’s Rap lyrics go! Cartoon characters classics Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam can no longer carry their firearms as they are apparently promoting violence (but leave the graphic people killing video games). Wile E Coyote is off the air for jumping off cliffs, getting rocks fall on his head and running into mountains as it’s too “violent”. The skunk Pepe Le Pew is now a rapist. Heck, I’m apparently a racist Habs’ fan because I liked the trade sending P.K. Subban to Nashville for Sicamous, BC native Shea Weber coming to Montreal, or so I’ve been told.

Historic statues and landmarks of our builders are coming down faster than a hot knife through butter because someone found out that they had some relationships to something that’s not right based on today’s society. As if it erased the good these people have done or what they’ve done for the Country. Even artists are changing their name in order not to offend their fans. Lady Antebellum is now Lady A. and the Dixie Chicks are now the Chicks. Most people aren’t offended but let’s not raise the ire of those who need directions on shampoo, be told not to eat Tide Pod, use glue in their hair and other similar things that used to be known as common sense, right? Let’s take guns away from law abiding Canadians because of mass shootings in the United States, instead of targeting the true problem, the black market, where guns used for crimes in Canada are coming from. People want to have this (false) sense of security and hey, if we don’t use firearms, why should anyone?

Canada Day cancelled in BC Capital

What prompted me to write this is the announcement by the City of Victoria that they are cancelling the Canada Day festivities. At first, I thought that it was because of COVID. But no, it’s not. That’s the last drop. ENOUGH already! Now, they’re telling us that we can’t be patriotic and be proud to be Canadian? Fuck that! Sorry for the strong word but enough is enough!

This whole story about Residential Schools and the treatment reserved to the children of our First Nation is tragic. My heart is broken to learn the facts behind this tragedy. It’s shameful that people in position of power were using it to commit crime against humanity. We as a society must learn from it. We must ensure that none of that ever happens again. We must feel and mourn four our Aboriginal friends. We must support them and empathize. We also must condemn the behaviour and the people who acted that way back then. What we must NOT do, is to think that everything today (or back then) is evil.

More good than evil

Should we hold today’s Germans for Adolf Hitler‘s suppression and evil? Should we condemn today’s population for slavery back in the day? Because your great-grandfather was a criminal, does that make you a criminal too and should you do time for it? Because a few Priest have abused their powers to commit crime, does that mean that religion is bad and those who believe in God are criminals? Does it wipe out the good there is in it? Because RCMP officers were taking those children, does it mean that today’s RCMP has stopped putting their lives on the line for our safety?

You see, in life, humans must learn from their mistakes and thrive not to repeat them. As a society in general, we do. Law are created to prevent certain types of crime. We raise awareness against racism and here in Canada, we take pride in our diversity. We are working on awareness against bullying. We work on tolerance and respect for same sex relationships. Oh it’s a work in progress no doubt, and we must continue to thrive on becoming better as individual, but also as a society.

So why do we disrespect our Country and its founders because they did, back then, something that wasn’t right, particularly not to today’s standards of evolution? How many First Nation people were killed by our ancestors when they discovered North America, Canada? Was it right? Should we give the land back to them or should we learn from the past and continue progress?

Canadian Pride

I’m sorry Victoria, or whatever town, city or individual you might be. You can be offended. To be honest, I’ve reached the point where I don’t care if you are. Your non-sense pushed me to it. You won’t tell me what I should be proud of or not. Because I feel like many of us still have good old common sense. We understand that you can be ashamed of certain actions from our ancestors, but also that we’ve learned from it. That it doesn’t define who we are today and we can still be proud of our nation as a whole. If you read intolerance or negativity in this article, it’s on you… again!

I swore earlier in this text but that doesn’t make me someone who encourages profanity. You don’t want to be judged yet, you judge our ancestors. Worse, you judge our Country because of it… as if it was still doing it. It’s not. We have learned. We are still learning. We grieve together as a nation. But we will rise from it, learn and still celebrate what history has taught us, what we’ve become because of it.

I’m proud of my Country. I’m proud to say I’m Canadian. When I see this flag, when I sing the National Anthem, I’m covered with a sense of pride. When I see what Canada does in the world, I’m proud. On Remembrance Day, I honour our men and women who did the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. At Christmas, I celebrate Jesus’ birth and on Easter, I don’t celebrate a bunny spreading chocolates, sorry. And on July 1st, I celebrate Canada Day. I don’t celebrate the tragedies and horrific mistakes made in history. I celebrate having learned from some troubled times. I celebrate with respect for our First Nations for what they’re going through. Stop trying to tell me what I should and should not believe in. Further, learn to differentiate between what’s happening in the US and in Canada.

If you’re ashamed of our Country, leave. Feeling pride does NOT mean accepting or condoning past tragedies. It means that you have pride in recognizing that those actions were wrong and thriving on not repeating them. It means taking pride and honour by promising to continue improving in our beliefs, in our actions. Not by ignoring history, but by having the mental ability of understanding that for each negative actions, there were hundreds of good ones too. It’s time to stand up against the loud minority of offended and stop letting them dictate what’s right or wrong. Mostly, it’s time to stop them from telling us who we are as a society. I certainly don’t associate with the easily offended and drama Queens.

At the risk of offending, I will pray (yes, to God) for our First Nations, asking for help to grieve as graves are being discovered. I will mourn the tragic events that my Country, my religion, have contributed to. But at the risk of offending, I will also celebrate the good in my Country. I AM CANADIAN… and proud of it.

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