When The Canadiens’ Playoffs’ Turn Political

They’re baaaaaacck! The Montreal Canadiens have reached the NHL playoffs’ semi-finals for the first time since 2014. Considering that they were the last team to qualify for this year’s playoffs, it’s a huge accomplishment. They not only eliminated arch rivals Toronto Maple Leafs, but they erased a 3-1 deficit in that series, and swept the Winnipeg Jets in four consecutive games! Yet, the focus for some members of the media and politically driven individuals is not on hockey. Yes, the language police decided to make a comeback during the Stanley Cup playoffs… as sad and pathetic it might be.

The Montreal Canadiens will be taking on the Vegas Golden Knights in what many predict to be a one-sided affair in favour of the Sin-City hockey club. The Habs will once again play underdogs in a series where few are giving them any chances to win. For a previews of this semi-finals series and the keys for the Canadiens to hope beat the Golden Knights, a detailed look was provided earlier.


While very important, I won’t go back into the Draft and the reasons why the Habs don’t have as many Quebecois players as before. It’s all in this recent article, with numbers to back it up, for those interested. Read it. Inform yourself. It compares Serge Savard‘s era as a GM to the reality faced by Marc Bergevin and his scouting team.

But here are more important facts:

  • In July 2016, the Canadiens announced that they were moving their AHL farm team to Laval on time for the 2017-18 season.
  • Each year, the Habs sign several undrafted Quebec-born players to try-outs or minor league contracts.
  • Over the last 10 plus years, the Montreal Canadiens Children Foundation has invested more than half of its funds in the implementation of its BLEU BLANC BOUGE program, which represent an investment of more than $1.7 million per rink. That’s only in Quebec, folks.

The Canadiens are doing their part. It’s up to the true guilty parties to do their part.


So that’s enough! Stop being idiots and start making sense. You want more Quebec-born players in the NHL? Go barn up the right tree! Hockey Quebec and the QMJHL are the true culprits here. Not the Montreal Canadiens. If you only knew how ridiculous you sound to the vast majority of Habs’ fans, of hockey fans, and how little credibility you get from discussing topics you seemingly know nothing about.

But hey, when your hockey knowledge is not up to par, you turn to politics in a desperate attempt at getting readership, or being relevant. NEWSBREAK: it’s not working. You’re only making a fool of yourself. This is NOT the time nor the place to open this ridiculous debate. Go Habs Go!

Here are just a few positions held by Quebec-born people in the organisation:

  • Geoff Molson: Owner, President and CEO, Club de hockey Canadien, Bell Centre and evenko
  • Marc Bergevin: Executive Vice President and General Manager
  • France Margaret Bélanger: Executive Vice President Chief Commercial Officer
  • Anna Martini: Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • François-Zavier Seigneur: President, Affix-Advertising and Sponsorship Sales
  • Vincent Lucier: Senior Vice President, Sales and Development
  • Réjean Houle: President, Canadiens Alumni Association
  • Geneviève Paquette: Vice President, Community Engagement and Foundation General Manager
  • Daniel Trottier: Executive Vice President, Guest Services and Facilities Operations
  • Paul Wilson: Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications
  • Martin Lapointe: Director of Player Personnel
  • Claudine Crépin: Manager, Team Services and Hockey Administration
  • Alain Gagnon: Team Services Coordinator
  • Éric Gravel: IT Support & Assistant to vidéo coach
  • Pierre Gervais: Head Equipment Manager and all 7 other members of the equipment and training staff
  • Pierre Allard: Sports Science and Performance Director
  • Patrick Delisle-Houde: Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
  • Scouts, medical staff and other consultants

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