Roy Preying on Fans’ Gullibility and Frustration

Patrick Roy was a great goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens. He’s part of the team’s history and, unfortunately, his story, at least the end, is one that most fans would like to forget. Two roosters in the same farmyard simply wasn’t going to work and there was plenty of blame to be had from every party involved. Now, he’s up to something and his sell job, while working with some, fails to blind many of us.

So get this… Saint Patrick suddenly got himself an agent, putting some ripples on the St. Laurence river as fans grow dissatisfied with Marc Bergevin. It did stir some people but it didn’t gain the momentum he was hoping for amongst the Habs’ fan base. Most people know how damaging it would be to have him in any power position in Montreal.

So now, out of the blue and as a total “coincidence”, the former goaltender makes peace with his 20 year nemesis Mario Tremblay. Out of a sudden, Roy found another way to be in front of the media, he who has been blacklisted by NHL clubs since leaving the Colorado Avalanche high and dry back in 2016. This time, trying to look like the good guy, saying all the right things.

Loose cannon

For those with short or selective memory and who only remember the goaltender, the performer, here’s a bit of a reality check on Roy. Those are facts, well documented and reported, as well as some opinions, of course, showing he’s a loose cannon. What would a blog be without them, right? I was a huge Roy fan before the events that followed…

December 1995:

Roy, getting lit by the Detroit Red Wings, was left in net way too long by then head coach Mario Tremblay. When finally pulled after allowing 9 goals, Roy walked behind the bench told team President Ronald Corey, who sat immediately behind the bench, that he had played his last game for the Canadiens. This knee-jerking, emotional decision was one where he abandoned his teammates, his fans and his team.

October 2000:

Roy was arrested for domestic violence after police showed up as his place after a “911 hangup call”. His wife called 911 because she was afraid of what her husband would do as they argued about in-laws, according to a police report. Michele Roy was not hurt during the dispute at their home, but Roy admitted pulling two bedroom doors off hinges when his wife called Greenwood Village police and then hung up without speaking, the report said.

January 2007:

Hot headed Roy was at it again, this time after Chicoutimi Saguenéens owner Pierre Cardinal filed an assault complaint with police after his team beat the Quebec Remparts. Police reports (again) say that about 50 Saguenéens fans were blocking access to the bus to Roy’s Remparts and Cardinal came to try to convince them to let the team through. An altercation occurred between he and Roy with the former Canadiens’ goaltender assaulting (throwing punches) at Cardinal.

August 2016:

While the Colorado Avalanche head coach, Roy found himself in a disagreement at the Draft table in June with GM Joe Sakic over the selection of prospects. Bitter, the vindictive coach waited two more months, ensuring all good coaches had been hired by other NHL clubs, to submit his resignation to Sakic. Training camp was only six weeks away. Since then, Roy hasn’t had a sniff at a NHL job, seemingly black listed and receiving the Ted Nolan treatment.

Piece of advice

Roy is a hot head. If you think for a second that he’s the man to take over from Bergevin one day, you are definitely not thinking straight. “Oh but the team needs emotion”, I’ve been told. Yes, yes they do… ON THE ICE. The best quality of a NHL coach and executive is patience. Roy is a carbon-copy of what Mike Milbury was. You think you’ll improve by going from Bergevin to Roy? I’m here to claim loud and clear that it’s completely false.

The guy is a nut case and when things don’t go his way, he picks up his toys and leaves, not giving a crap about you and what you think. He has displayed over and over again that he has a “Me, Myself and I” attitude and there is a reason why he hasn’t found work in the NHL’s tight circle. To me, the guy who once was my idol is dead. As a matter of fact, I’ve even given away his 1993 authentic jersey! He was replaced by this horrifying individual whom I wouldn’t want my kids to look up to… as he’s as far as it gets from being a good role model.

So nice try Patrick and so long, as the Saint has been removed from your name a long, long time ago. But the commercial is still funny. Go Habs Go!

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