Leafs vs Habs Memes

The NHL playoffs are about to start (for Canadian teams anyway) and for the first time since 1979, the Montreal Canadiens will be facing the Toronto Maple Leafs. In Canada, it doesn’t get any bigger than this, with the exception perhaps of the battle of Alberta. But when you’re talking about the two biggest hockey markets in Canada, the two biggest media centres and the two biggest fan bases, topping this series is almost impossible. And it all starts on Thursday…

I can’t help but to throw a bit of a jab at the NHL however. Some teams won’t finish their regular season until Wednesday and by that time, there will be 14 playoffs’ games played. Yes, that’s right. The NHL is playing their playoffs at the same time as the regular season! As if having the worst officiating and NHL Player Safety wasn’t enough, they make decisions like that. Then they wonder why they aren’t being taken as seriously as the NFL, the NBA and MLB… Gary Bettman might be making the owners money but the NHL’s product as a whole is as messed up as it’s ever been. Perhaps having a Brian Burke, someone who actually knows hockey, at the helm would improve things…


Anyway, we can write on that some other times. For now, why not take a few jabs at the Leafs in good humour as the series is about to get underway. Since all Toronto media makes it sound like they shouldn’t even be playing as the Habs stand no chance, why not give them a bit of a rubbing while we can? He’s a small collection for your reading pleasure. Go Habs Go!

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