A Patrick Roy Hiring Would Be The Last Drop

Some of the best lyrics, or most truthful anyway, were written by Steven Tyler, lead signer of Aerosmith. In the hit song Amazing, Tyler wrote: “Life is a journey, not a destination”. As people age, most come to that realization. The sooner one does, the better their life will be. You have to enjoy every minute and not waste your life waiting for things to happen or arrive. ‘When I graduate’… ‘When I find a career job’… ‘When I have kids’… ‘When the kids move out’… ‘When I retire’… In hockey terms, ‘When the Habs win the Stanley Cup’… and these days, ‘When Marc Bergevin gets fired’… The next thing you know, you will have spent your life saying ‘when’ instead of living the moment present… until ‘When you die’…

I was a panelist on the Weekly review of the Hockey Sans Limites podcast on Sunday and we were challenged by a fan who was questioning if we were “sponsored by the Canadiens’ GM”. It made me smile. Why do you ask? Because that’s how positivity is perceived in today’s society, or when one dares not jump on the ever popular negativity train. For those who have been reading this blog and following me for a while, you know that one of my motos is: “Only dead fish swim with the flow!” And in this world where Snowflakes are offended by everything and anything, added to the excruciating pressure put upon us by COVID-19 and it’s restrictions, I make an extra conscious effort to showcase the positive aspects of life… hockey included.

With negativity being omnipresent, fans and some media alike are focussing on the wrong thing. The Montreal Canadiens, while not playing well these days, are in a dog fight for a playoffs’ spot. Yet, the focus is around the future of Bergevin and interim head coach Dominique Ducharme‘s future. The talk is around and who their possible replacements should be. Even if their jobs were in jeopardy (which there is no indication that they are), do any of those people think for a minute that they will be fired before seasons’ end? So why focus on that today, if not to feed a negative trend? Why isn’t the focus on the team trying to secure a playoffs’ spot instead? Simple: people have their priorities out of whack.

Patrick Roy? Really?

But what prompted me to write today is the absolutely ridiculous idea making its rounds, that Patrick Roy should be the next coach or GM. How sad, how desperate and how idiotic is this? On the one hand, people complain about Ducharme and Bergevin and in the same breath, they want Roy. And talk about timing… PBI Sports decided to announce that they are now representing Roy as agents for his quest to find a job in the NHL.

Well PBI, good luck with that. Your new client is a hot head and he’s blacklisted in the NHL ever since he purposely screwed much respected Joe Sakic and the Colorado Avalanche. But if it was the only thing the hot headed Roy did… There’s a long list of events spread over an 11-year span raising red flags all over the places with the former Canadiens’ netminder. He is a vindictive and revengeful individual who, if things don’t go his way, will screw you and the team one way or another. Further, he can’t control his temper.

Molson must avoid the trap

We know what fans are like. We know what some traditional media are like. Controversy sells and no one is more controversial that Patrick Roy. They would have endless material to feed the desperate fan base and attempt to draw viewership, listenership and readership. Geoff Molson must ignore the loud and unreasonable group calling for Roy’s hiring. No ifs or buts about it.

Geoff Molson

Hiring Roy in any position of power would be the franchise’s biggest mistake since the hiring of Réjean Houle as GM. In order to be in a position in coaching or management, the biggest quality one should possess is having a cool head. Roy is the polar opposite. He would destroy this franchise faster than one could finish the National Anthem.

I’ll go further… let’s say Molson bends and does the unthinkable. They will lose a fan. No, this is not an empty promise like we’re reading daily on Twitter. Some might remember when, prior to the last lockout, I said that if Bettman forced a lockout, I would not spend a penny on NHL merchandise and tickets for five years? Guess what? I held my promise. I’ve been a fan of this team for five decades. If they hire Roy, I’m done. I’m already fed up with theNHL’s poor decision-making, with their officiating and the NHL Player Safety. My team making such senseless and knee-jerking decision would be the last drop for yours truly.

But I’ll say this… I highly doubt that Molson will panic and I do believe that Bergevin will still be the Habs’ GM next season. This is no usual season and it comes with its unusual challenges. This is no time to make emotional decisions. Whether Bergevin gives Ducharme the permanent head coaching job remains to be seen, but I do believe that he will be the one making that decision… which will raise the ire of some fans wishing him gone since the summer of 2016. Go Habs Go!

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