Official NHL Twitter Hashtags Emojis

Every year, NHL teams come out with their version of their official hashtag, to which they attach their logo. And every year, it’s a challenge to figure out if any team has changed it. Unfortunately for hockey fans, some change it regularly, some even in-season. This is extremely annoying to those who like using the official hashtag and seeing the little logos in their Tweets.

This year, I decided to do it for you folks. Although I must put the disclaimer that those are it as of January 24, 2021! Who knows which team, in their brilliant minds, will change it again on us. For the purpose of this exercise, I chose to separate the teams by Division based on the 2021 season only. And since I’m not a fan of having sponsors on equipment and divisions, I will leave those out!





On a personal note, I really don’t like when teams pick random hashtags. The Ducks “FlyTogether” has nothing to do with cheering their team or the name of the team, aside that ducks fly. So what? “AnytimeAnywhere” by the Flyers is probably the worst. “LeafsForever” is totally cheesy while “VegasBorn” is borderline in my books. I’d love if the Habs actually used “Habs” instead of “GoHabsGo” but I definitely get why it is the way it is.

So there you have it folks. Until a team changes their hashtag again, that’s what it looks like at the time of writing this. Happy Tweeting!

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