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Everyone does it. They say that podcasting is the new blogging. Not for this cowboy! Since writing is a pass time that I love, you won’t see me abandon this blog any time soon. But to keep up with the trend, I have partnered up with a good friend of mine from Las Vegas, Sylvain (or Sly) and decided to launch (you guessed it) a podcast. As many of you already know, I am a fairly regular panelist on Hockey Sans Limites, a French podcast doing pre-game shows and a weekly 2 ½ hour show on Sunday nights. Podcasting is nothing new to me although I’ve never had to take care of the technical aspect of it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I won’t mess up too badly. Those familiar with HSL will also know that Sly is also a regular panelist on that podcast too, something that we are both looking forward to continue doing.

As the blog is called “From The Heart”, I decided to stay consistent and keep the same name for the podcast. It will be published from this website. The topics will mostly be geared towards the news and events surrounding the Montreal Canadiens. But as I do with the blog, you might find the odd Life Style talks mixed in here and there. For that reason and for the purpose of this podcast, the word “Habs” will not only stand for Habitants, but also for Habits. My friend Sly will join me and co-host the show as we will be chatting about everything Habs and NHL. From time to time, we will be welcoming knowledgeable guests from the Internet.

In order to keep your interest and not tie too much of your time, we will be keeping the podcasts between 30-40 minutes long. Much like me, Sly is a straight shooter who shoots from the hip. He has plenty of hockey knowledge and we have both seen the glory days of the 70’s. While our opinions often meet, we do differ enough to keep your interest. As both of us love to laugh, don’t be surprised to find some humour in the podcasts. So stay tuned for our next show, which will be following soon…

We have created a Twitter account specifically for the Podcast so we strongly encourage you to follow: @FromTheHeartHP.

You can also follow Sly and I on Twitter:


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