Marc Bergevin’s 2018 Reset Starting To Pay Off

Finally, NHL hockey is back. Everyone around Montreal, forced in a lockdown, is having an outlet to distract themselves from COVID-19. Who can blame them? It’s either that or following The Donald south of the border. The Habs are a much better options, aren’t they? Between getting familiar with the newcomers on the team to team scrimmages, reporters finally have some fresh Habs’ content to share with their readers and followers. Even the everlasting trade rumours are back… and few fans will complain.

Scrimmages have started and some of the quotes from the newbies are refreshing to read. Everyone seems to agree that this group of players are fun, but focussed on the work ahead. They want a Stanley Cup and they want it now! They’re hungry.

Everyone marvelled at the speed displayed by Josh Anderson who skates like a guy half his size. Jonathan Drouin was the best player on the ice so far. Jesperi Kotkaniemi‘s shot was described by Jake Allen as “out of this league, a missile”. Paul Byron is eager to prove that he belongs. Everyone is praising Alexander Romanov. All in all, you get the jest of it. Hockey is back and everyone around the Canadiens is excited about it.

The Reset is paying dividends

Remember when, in the Summer of 2018, Marc Bergevin spoke of a “reset”? Most understood but the many P.K. Subban groupies were laughing at the concept. But as usual, they aren’t the ones laughing last. Bergevin, with the help of Trevor Timmins, has done a masterful job at restocking the prospect pool and developing them into solid hockey players. Romanov is joining the team. Suzuki is taking the number centre role. Kotkaniemi seems to be on the verge of proving fans that they were wrong wanting someone else. Jake Evans looked extremely good. And there are many other quality prospects not quite ready to join!

Here are some of the bigger trades made by Bergevin leading up to that Summer of 2018, all the way to today:

FEBRUARY 2018Jakub Jerabek
Tomas Plekanec
Joe Morrow
2019 5th (WAS)
Mike Reilly
2019 5th (WAS) – Traded
2018 2nd (TOR) – Jacob Olofsson
2018 4th (WIN) – Traded
JUNE 2018Alex Galchenyuk
Hayden Hawkey
Simon Bourque
2018 4th (CAL)
2018 4th (EDM)
2019 7th (MON)
2018 5th (FLO)
2018 2nd (WAS)
Max Domi
Joel Armia
2019 4th (CAL) – Traded
2018 5th (FLO) – Traded
2018 4th (VEG) – Jack Gorniak
2018 7th (MON) – Brett Stapley
2019 5th (CHI) – Traded
2018 3rd (EDM) – Jordan Harris
2018 5th (EDM) – Samuel Houde
2019 7th (WIN) – Kieran Ruscheinski
2020 4th (WIN) – Jack Smith
SEPTEMBER 2018Max Pacioretty
Tomas Tatar
Nick Suzuki
2019 2nd (CBJ) – Traded
OCTOBER 2018Rinat Valiev
Matt Taormina
Will Bitten
Brett Kulak
Gustav Olofsson
FEBRUARY 2019Michael Chaput
2019 4th (CAL)
Nate Thompson
2019 5th (ARI) – Frederik Nissen Dichow
Jordan Weal
JUNE 20192019 2nd (CBJ)
2019 4th (MON)
2019 5th (CHI)
2020 7th (MON)
2021 7th (MON)
Andrew Shaw
Nicolas Deslauriers
2019 3rd (LAK) – Mattias Norlinder
2019 5th (LAK) – Jacob LeGuerrier
2020 4th (SJS) – Traded
2020 5th (FLO) – Jakub Dobes
2019 7th (MON) – Rafaël Harvey-Pinard
2020 2nd (CHI) – Jan Mysak
2020 7th (CHI) – Traded
2021 3rd (CHI) – TBD
2020 4th (ANA) – Traded
JANUARY 2020Mike Reilly
2020 4th (SJS)
Marco Scandella
Andrew Sturtz
2021 5th (OTT) – TBD
FEBRUARY 2020Marco Scandella
Ilya Kovalchuk
Nate Thompson
Matthew Peca
Nick Cousins
2020 2nd (STL) – Traded
2021 4th (STL) – TBD
2020 3rd (WAS) – Traded
2021 5th (PHI) – TBD
2020 7th (OTT) – Traded
2021 4th (VEG) – TBD
SEPTEMBER 20202020 3rd (WAS)
2020 7th (CHI)
2020 5th (MTL)
Jake Allen
2022 7th (STL) – TBD
Joel Edmundson
OCTOBER 2020Max Domi
2020 3rd (MON)
2020 2nd (STL)
2020 4th (ANA)
2020 7th (OTT)
Josh Anderson
2020 4th (TBL) – Sean Farrell
2021 2nd (TBL) – TBD
2021 3rd (WAS)
2021 7th (MON)

And this, folks is the difference between a Retool, a Reset and a Rebuild. A reset is a relatively quick turnaround through the Draft. This allowed Bergevin to wait for the right time to add a free agent here and there and build the team that we’re seeing today. This is now Bergevin’s team, not the one he inherited, bad apples included.

It’s a very exciting time to be a Habs’ fan and having an all-Canadian division, with 8-10 games against each team, is sure to create some rivalries to last for the next decade. The Habs should do well in this setting. Fans from other teams, some media outlets from Toronto included, will be up for a rude awakening from looking at the little respect they’re paying Bergevin’s squad. But we will all be able to enjoy it together. Isn’t it great? Go Habs Go!

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