Habs Lost Simmonds To The Leafs, Yet Come Out Winners!

There’s an old adage which says that “He who laughs last, laughs best!” Remember when Toronto Maple Leafs’ fans were bragging about Wayne Simmonds choosing the Leafs over the Montreal Canadiens? That wasn’t fun for Habs’ fans. It was rather annoying actually. But that’s certainly not the first, nor the last time that the NHL’s two biggest fan bases go at each other. We are doomed to have a lot more of it this season as both teams will be facing each other for a whooping 10 games out of 56 in total! Thankfully for Canadiens’ fans, they have more to brag about than the Maple Leafs’, historically speaking.

Well, Canadiens’ fans once again got the last laugh when it comes to the Simmonds signing. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Why is that, will you ask? Because the Habs got the same return in production as they would have had with Simmonds, but at half the cost. That’s right. By signing Corey Perry to a one year deal at a cap hit of $750,000, Marc Bergevin got a very similar player for less than it would have taken to get Simmonds. Leafs’ fans won’t believe you if you tell them, so you’ll have to prove it to them. So allow me to help you out.

205 lbsWeight185 lbs
57Games Played68
6.5Shooting %6.7
$750,000CAP HIT$1,500,000

If that doesn’t erase your doubts or if the people you’re debating with still disagree, it’s on them as this clearly shows that the Canadiens got the best buck for their money. And that’s extremely important when teams are tight to the salary cap, as both the Leafs and Habs are this year. Let this be a first win for the Habs over the Leafs this season. Here’s hoping for at least ten more! Go Habs Go!

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  1. Man, MB has been on a hot streak this postseason. Anderson is prolly the biggest risk, but given their desperate need for size, it’s an acceptable risk imo.

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