Merry Christmas Whether You Believe Or Not

This is a special time. It’s Christmas. For millions around the world, they are celebrating the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ was born on this day. For millions of others, Santa is doing his round. People are taking time off, celebrating, feasting until they can no longer eat. Children are being spoiled rotten, some throwing tantrums because they didn’t get their new iPhone, X-Box or Play Station. In other parts of the world, people are starving, struggling to survive. No, this is not an exaggeration. It’s a harsh reality.

I’m hoping that no one is offended by me wishing them Merry Christmas. You see, Christmas is a Christian holiday, the birth of Jesus Christ. Some chose not to believe in it. That’s their rights and I can respect that, although I certainly don’t share their point of view. Regardless if you are a Christian or not, the Christmas holiday is one of respect, tolerance, happiness, love and care. It’s a celebration where everything should be positive. If one doesn’t believe in God, the foundation should remain. There is no room for disrespect, hate, bigotry, racism and intolerance at any time, but even less so at Christmas time.

Difficult times

I’m no different than all of you. This year is particularly tough. With COVID-19 rearing its ugly face, we have to sacrifice some very important family time. We have to isolate, deprive ourselves of the company of our loved ones, interactions that we so desperately need. Let’s keep this in mind during this Christmas time and for the weeks following it. People will be on edge. They will be irritated, some more than others. It’s been a tough several months.

Regardless of the challenges this Christmas represents, do not forget to call your loved ones and remind them of what they mean to you. Make plans for when this whole pandemic finally settles. Tell them that you love them. Give them the best present one can ever need: the gift of your time. You’re not good at sharing your feelings? This is the perfect time to work on it. They need it more than you can imagine.

Special Christmas Challenge

Since we have so much time in our hands, and we need some much needed social interaction, I challenge you to do something different this Christmas. Donate to the soup kitchen in your area. Buy presents and leave them at the door of a family you know the parents haven’t been working. Toys, clothing, a nice card. No need to sign your name even. No strings attached.

Send someone a personal message on social media. Tell them that you think of them. Offer them support. You don’t need money to show people love and compassion. You don’t need money to do what’s right. And you don’t need to believe in Christmas or be a Christian to do good deeds. Let’s all work together in keeping the Christmas spirit alive. Believers and atheists, we are all human beings and we need love. We need to receive, but we also need to give love.

I wish all of you, and your loved ones, a very special Merry Christmas. May your hearts be filed with love and know that people do love you. People do care. They often just don’t know how to show it. God Bless.

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  1. A superb message for Christmas 2020. Jesus has arrived and continues to fill my heart. Thank you Joce for the reminder and such a sincere message. Merry Christmas to both of you. I pray for peace and love always for you and those that read this. God bless. X

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