Advertising On Hockey Uniforms: Only A Matter Of Time

Fans in Europe are used to it. Fans in North America hate it. Leagues and team owners love money. Owners are greedy. Advertising is revenue, and revenue is money. As the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the NHL and it’s owners’ bottom line, they are looking for any form of revenue they can to add to the bottom line. While they will never recuperate the money lost, they will try new ways to gain some back. Need proof? The NHL forcing its teams to come up with a Reverse-Retro gimmick. Some fans bit at the bait quite hard, so who can blame them for coming up with other ways? It’s only a matter of time before we see advertising on helmets and jerseys in the NHL.

Jesperi Kotkaniemi

It seems like the league and its Board of Governors will take advantage of this pandemic to start something that’s unlikely to stop. It will be sold as a temporary measure, as a test run. But once the league, the owners and even the NHLPA get a taste of the additional revenues, it’s unlikely to end. And it seems like the time is now, in time for the 2021 shorten season.

It starts with the helmets. Next, it will be the skates, the pants, the jerseys. Next thing you know, the beautiful and traditional Original Six jerseys will be plastered with advertising. Yes, before you know it, the Christmas trees-like uniforms will become a permanent thing all seasons long in the NHL. All in the name of money, of revenue, of greed. At the expense of tradition, of neatness, of cleanliness. And there’s nothing fans can do about it.

Times are coming folks. The beautiful, traditional Montreal Canadiens’ uniform as we know it will no longer be. Things are about to get ugly. And by that I mean NHL uniforms. Here’s hoping that the Ghosts of the past come haunting the decision makers. Go Habs Go!… or should I say… Go Molson Ex Go!

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