“PK Is A Good Cartoon…” ~ Mike Ribeiro

From one controversial individual to another, Mike Ribeiro appeared on La Poche Bleue, a show hosted by former Canadiens Guillaume Latendresse and recently retired Maxim Lapierre. As he’s somewhat known for, Ribeiro didn’t shy away from controversy when talking about his former teammate P.K. Subban. He went straight to the point and was as honest in his answers as we know he can be, even if it ruffles some feathers… and it most certainly will with some members of the media and fans alike, better known as Subbanistas.

Ribeiro, appearing through video, was his old self, flat brimmed baseball hat worn sideways and speaking his mind freely. Having played in Nashville, he spoke about THE trade that shook the hockey world at the time. During his interview, he didn’t shy away from praising the former Predators’ captain and current Canadiens’ captain Shea Weber.

“I knew PK a little bit because of Montreal not his personality but more as a player. I thought that Nashville had made a mistake. I know that back then, people in Montreal panicked a bit because PK was gone. But I knew that Weber was a better player, a better teammate, a better leader.”

Ribeiro felt like the Predators were making a huge mistake by trading Weber.

“I never understood why Nashville did that. The only thing I can think of was his contract (signing bonus). I was really surprised that they traded Weber because he’s quite the man, quite the teammate. His presence in the dressing room is incredible.”

According to Ribeiro, there’s absolutely no comparison between the two players who were traded one for another. He feels, like most people in hockey today, that Marc Bergevin and the Habs won that trade.

“PK is a good cartoon, he was fun in the dressing room but it’s not the same presence as what Weber had. The respect that the guys had for Weber compared to PK you know, PK worked out for a year or two in Nashville and… They’re two completely different characters and I think that the Canadiens had the upper hand in this trade that’s for sure.”

Now we can put down Ribeiro for speaking out on the topic. We can mock him for his antics of rolling on the ice pretending to be injured while playing in Montreal. We can put him down for his personal problems off the ice, fighting his demons. But he’s one player, one teammate, who feels like Weber was back then, and still is today, a much better player and individual.

As Man Mountain was one of my favourite players while in Nashville, I was obviously thrilled about the trade and there were a few of us. We are now all fortunate enough to call him O Captain, My Captain… while there are rumours in New Jersey that they would like to unload Subban. Go Habs Go!

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  1. So here’s the thing about comparing Subban and Weber. Weber represents the style of leadership that is accepted in hockey. But it’s a leadership style developed in a white English, Protestant work ethic, Canadian vacuum – namely, a more reserved style. Less Roenick and Roy, and more McDavid and Crosby. Subban is clearly an extrovert, and I know that rubbed a lot of people in Canadian hockey the wrong way – especially coming from a black guy. What we’ll never know is if Subban was fostered and supported from the start – like Weber was – what kind of leader would he have become? Where hockey, and the NHL, needs to evolve to is the NBA. Lebron and Kawhi have different leadership styles and Kawhi’s introversion makes him less effective sometimes. But his talent and passion are more important and teams worked _with_ Kawhi rather than adhere to a preferred model.

    1. I fully understand what you’re saying and you’re not wrong about it. The example (Subban) is not a good one however. We’re not talking only in Canada here, but in the US as well, since both Nashville and New Jersey have (or seem to have to) given up on him. From Ribeiro’s comments, Subban doesn’t have the “presence”, the respect amongst his own teammates are Weber does. To be fair, very few players have the type of imposing respect Weber has. So as far as leadership goes, Subban is exhausting his welcome not because of exuberance, but over-exuberance. Makes sense?
      But as far as hockey goes, I think that the proof is in the pudding and Ribeiro is saying what most people in hockey are saying too. All in all, there is no doubt that the Habs got the best in this deal. Yes, the Preds have had team success and not the Habs, but let’s ensure not to mix up team performances and individuals, a common mistake.

      1. No argument on his over exuberance. From what I heard in the OHL, when the players were down, they found him “over the top” and “not reading the room”. I understand that Nashville and NJ are in the States, but the players, management, etc are still overwhelmingly Canadian, so I don’t think that really matters. I mean, Roman Josi isn’t going around in a cowboy hat and a horse 🙂 The culture is still very ‘Canadian’ and some players are given the latitude to be more over exuberant than others. I had a friend asked me who should be the next Canadiens Captain after Kaptain Koivu was unceremoniously let go. I said Subban but that it would probably be Patches, and that would be a mistake. Patches was the prototypical quiet leader.. but really he was just quiet and… and this is a total gut feeling… a bit too self absorbed. My take on Subban was that he could be a great leader, he just needed to incorporate a bit of patience, which any kid needs to develop.

        Btw – continue to love your articles Habsterix!

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