All 31 Reverse-Retro NHL Jerseys Released. They’re All Here.

Now that the gimmick of forcing it’s 31 teams to come up with a Reverse-Retro theme jersey is over, the NHL can now cash in the profit. Let’s face it. The league did this for two reasons: make up for some lost revenue and to create some excitement as they are still deciding on if or when they will resume their activities. While knowing that this is just a cash grab, they also know that the fans will be rushing to their computers to buy some. But not everyone will fall for their gimmick and I’m one of them.

From looking at those abominations (for the most part) they call “jerseys”, it seems like the Reverse-Retro theme was far from being respected. I mean come on! How can the Vegas Golden Knights come up with a retro, let alone a reverse-retro? Let’s look at them all here, then we’ll break down two jerseys: Montreal and Quebec…. I mean… Colorado. I’m warning you that you might need some sunglasses to look at a few of them.

Pacific Division
Central Division
Metropolitan Division
Atlantic Division

Looking at them all, those are some of their retro and not “reverse-retro”. Others are their old third jersey. The effort wasn’t there for everyone it seems.


The Avalanche’s jersey is likely the nicest looking one. Instead of going with the Rockies’ old colours, which would be more relative and significant for the City and the state, they chose to go to the root of the team by incorporating the Quebec Nordiques. In order to better understanding why they did this, we must remember the main reason for this exercise: money. Regardless if they use the Rockies or Nordiques, it will sell in Colorado and their fan base. But by adding the Nordiques, they’ve added a whole new pool of fish to catch in Quebec. More sells, more revenues.


It seems like the Habs went with a Reverse-Retro of the 1946 white jersey they used during their centennial year in 2019.

While I personally like the new jerseys, there is no doubt that on this huge fanbase, many will be rushing, fists full of money, to buy into the gimmick. And that’s why the NHL did it. Why release it in mid-November, you ask? So that Santa Clause can fill his bag with NHL jerseys for Christmas. That’s why. Thankfully, Canadiens’ President Geoff Molson is on record saying that this jersey isn’t here to stay.

As a hardcore, old school fan, I will stick to my red and seeing through the NHL’s smoke screen, money grab gimmick, what I want more than a jersey having nothing to do with the history of my team is: when will the puck drop? Go Habs Go!

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