“Carey Price In My Top-3 Best Teammates”

Players talk. Former players talk. They have a ton of experience about professional hockey and know what goes on both on the ice, and in the dressing room. They all have their opinion on GM’s, coaches and former teammates. Some stories they can share, other stories, most prefer to stay away from. In a recent appearance on Mario Langlois‘ show on 98.5 FM, former Canadiens’ forwards Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre opened up on a few topics. One of them? Canadiens netminder Carey Price.

During the conversation, they both left no doubt about how they felt about the Canadiens’ best paid player. They talked about the man, the leader, the goaltender.

“When we look at Price, he’s probably one of the biggest stars with whom I was given to play with.” ~ Maxim Lapierre

Maxim Lapierre and Guillaume Latendresse

Without naming him, it sure felt, during the interview, like they took some parting shots at P.K. Subban, another young Habs’ player at the time when both Lapierre and Latendresse were with the Canadiens.

“The biggest leaders, continued Lapierre, what they do, they do it in silence. They don’t need the spotlight. They don’t need to be in the newspaper, on radio or on television, to hear people say that they’re good.”

“They do their work in silence because for them, the only important thing is the team. It’s not them and they don’t need the attention. A guy like Carey Price is like that. Everyone loves him in the dressing room. He brings smiles to the arena. He’s a team guy.”

“A real leader, to me, says things behind the scene, when nobody from the public can hear.” ~ Maxim Lapierre

They went back to 2010 when Jaroslav Halak took the net from Price and went on that impressive playoffs’ run. According to them, in spite of his disappointment, Price never put his personal interests ahead of the team.

“He understood the situation. I think it hurt him, but he understood and must have told himself that next year, nobody would take his net. He’s a good teammate”, said Lapierre.

Perhaps the most powerful message to the fans was sent by Latendresse:

“In all of the organisations that I’ve been part of, Carey Price is in my top-3 best people and best teammates with whom I got to play. His personality, his generosity, with the place he has in public opinion in Montreal. He’s a game changer in a dressing room.” ~ Guillaume Latendresse

It’s not the first time and likely not the last time that we hear some of Price’s former teammates sing his praise. Go Habs Go!

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