Forget Shea Weber: Jeff Petry or P.K. Subban?

It’s funny how time changes things. As we arrive into Fall season, leaves are changing colours, days are shorter, nights are crisper. Every living creature is getting set for the long months of Winter. Hockey fans? Well, they’re hockey fans and they too change. At least, most do. As they watch the COVID Cups Finals between the Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Lightning, most fans of the Montreal Canadiens are excited to see what team GM Marc Bergevin will do next. Although it hasn’t always been the case…

Once in a blue moon, I like putting myself through the suffering of reading the Canadiens’ section of HF Boards. It doesn’t get much worse than that when it comes to extremist fan forums where the level of stupidity outweighs the few good members out there. It’s like a Brendan Kelly fanclub, mixed with Réjean Tremblay, Richard Labbé and Tony Marinaro fan clubs all combined. If you go too often, I’m convinced you’ll either give yourself a concussion from shaking your head or you’ll lose some brain cells.

I read somewhere out there people debating if the Habs should trade Jeff Petry and get back P.K. Subban at half price. Yes, I swear I’m not making this up! There are people out there who truly think this way. This nonsense made me want to look deeper into the comparisons between the two players, which I will share with you.

Birth of Subbanistas

What doesn’t seem like so long ago, there seemed to be a huge number of Habs’ fans disgruntled, some borderline hateful, towards Bergevin. How dare he traded their favourite player, Subban, to the Nashville Predators! While most Canadiens’ fans now see that Montreal won that trade hands down, some are still carrying their hater towards the GM to this date. But they are few and far between, earning them the nickname of “Subbanistas“.

While Weber has continued to show that he’s one of the NHL’s top defensemen, Subban was traded for peanuts to the New Jersey Devils and rumours are circling that they are willing to eat up as much as half of the defenseman’s $9 million cap hit to facilitate a trade.

New debate?

For Habs’ fans, the debate is over. Weber is a much, much better hockey player than Subban ever was, or ever will be. But what about Jeff Petry? Yes, the Canadiens’ second best defenseman is arguably better than the enigmatic and self-centered New Jersey Devils rearguard. At least in the past three season, maybe even further.

For the sake of this exercise, let’s look at both players’ numbers since the 2017-18 season, shall we?

210 lbsWT201 lbs

That’s pretty amazing isn’t it? Not only is Weber well ahead of Subban, but even Petry is ahead of him when it comes to playing hockey. Between the two though, there’s no doubt that the eccentric one will have the better TV analyst career though. In the meantime however, Habs’ fans can rest assured that they have not one, but two defensemen better than the former Norris Trophy winner of the lockout shortened season. Go Habs Go!

4 thoughts on “Forget Shea Weber: Jeff Petry or P.K. Subban?

  1. I don’t understand your love for Drouin then JD. He has shown very little at this level and is so self centered as to demand a trade.

  2. Yeah, but PK won the Blocked shots contest! 😉
    (who would’ve thought…)
    I wish him the best, though, I hope he becomes, at least, a decent player…

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