I’m Just a Fan, They Don’t Care

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. People lie, actions don’t. It is said ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Of course, what use is a speech in the world of deaf? They also say ‘Pen is mightier than sword’. I wonder how it is possible in a world that is blind. And then I remember ‘silence speaks volumes’. No wonder, the world often turns mute.

Remember when we told them that having an American who knew nothing about hockey as a Commissioner would be a mistake for the game? Someone whose ego created controversy and got him out of the NBA? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember how hard the NHL worked to keep the Coyotes in Arizona? They even bought the franchise! When the NHL let the Quebec Nordiques and the Winnipeg Jets leave Canada with little effort to keep them there? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when they changed the instigator rule and wanted to eliminate fighting in hockey and we were saying that they shouldn’t do that? That the rats would be running free? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when their reply what that the referees and the league, through the NHL Players Safety, would do a better job protecting the players? When we questioned their ability and willingness to do so? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when they brought the two-referee system and we told them that they would bring referees that are either not ready or will be over their head with the pace of the NHL? That they would bring in a second judgment causing issues? That they would take more space away on the ice? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when they locked players out every time there would be a CBA negotiation? When they never hesitated to cancel games? When they said that fans would be back regardless, taking us for granted? I guess we all did, didn’t we? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when in 2012, when I, as a fan of the game, said that if the NHL went on lockout, that I would not purchase any NHL merchandise for five years (which I did by the way)? Remember how they cancelled the season and playoffs? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

NHL Fans everywhere are showing displeasure towards the league and their decisions. But does the NHL care?

Remember when they decided to bring both benches on the same side of the ice not to advantage the home team having the penalty box on their side? Remember when we warned them of constant problems on line changes and offsides on players changes? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when they kept raising tickets prices to the point where it became impossible to go to game regularly for a family of four? Remember when they jacked up the prices for parking and concession and we told them we were tapped out? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when Chris Lee, in spite of painfully obvious incompetence, continues to officiate in the NHL and even in the playoffs? Remember when we said he was controversial? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when we told the NHL that having a COVID Cup in the summer, and ruining two seasons instead of one was a mistake that they shouldn’t make? That they should just start fresh in the Fall instead? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when the league, needing markets like Montreal, Chicago, Minnesota and New York (Rangers) for viewership for their COVID Cup, penalised them instead of rewarding them? By giving everyone 12.5% chances of getting the first overall pick? By taking away the Habs #1 or #9 pick overall because they beat Pittsburgh in a best of five series, instead of looking at a 70 games season, depriving them of a chance of picking a local talent? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember all the times when the NHL Players Safety (a name that doesn’t suit their actions), issued fines and suspensions that made no sense to anyone, or simply decided to turn a blind eye? Remember us saying how unfair they were? Remember Brendan Gallagher getting his jaw fractured by a vicious crosscheck and the culprit got a single game? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when we asked Habs’ President Geoff Molson, GM Marc Bergevin and the coaching staff to stand up against those injustices and make a public outing? Remember hearing back from any of them? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when at every event where Gary Bettman is present, fans boo him out of every building? Do you think it’s done as a joke? Is it remotely possible that fans hate the direction the league is taking? I’m just a fan, they don’t care.

Remember when Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind’Amour spoke out against the horrible officiating and got fined $25,000 by the NHL? And remember what the Hurricanes did through their Twitter account, supporting their coach? I’m just a fan, they don’t care… but they obviously don’t care about what coaches and small market teams think either!

Sometimes, you don’t need to hear their excuses or what they have to say for themselves because their actions spoke the truth, their truth. The truth is, I have found that during most situations in life, words are just noise. And actions are the ONLY things that speak… and they speak volume. You see, people, businesses, enterprises won’t always tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you. Pay attention… I did.

We soon, NHL, this fan won’t care and it will be all YOUR doing. You have made a lifelong NHL fan, a hardcore Habs’ fan, someone who has been a fan of the game longer than many have been alive, swear at you on Social Media. You, NHL, are making hardcore fans hate you, despise what you stand for. That time is coming soon, NHL, and when I’m gone, I’m not coming back. You are killing a good thing. But you don’t care, I’m just a fan. Go Habs Go!

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