The NHL Draft Lottery Joke

Joke. Farce. Absurd. Stupid. Dumb. Senseless. Mind boggling. There are tons of qualifying available to describe the NHL these days and they aren’t doing anything to get rid of those well earned titles. As if putting their players’ health in jeopardy wasn’t enough, the league held part one of their lottery draft and proved without the shadow of a doubt that they have no clue what they’re doing… or that they don’t care about common sense. And hockey experts, while careful with the words they’re choosing, are all in agreement: the league makes no sense whatsoever.

The Detroit Red Wings were, by far, the worst team in the NHL last season. They managed only 39 points, which is 23 fewer points than the Ottawa Senators who had the second worst record in the NHL. To make matters worse (if it’s even possible), Detroit allowed 122 more goals than they scored! Yet, not only do they lose out on the first overall pick, but they drop all the way back to fourth overall!

1-undefined12.5% odds
2-64 Pts (28)
3-()63 Pts (29)
4-39 Pts (31)
5-62 Pts (30)
6-67 Pts (27)
7-68 Pts (26)
8-68 Pts (25)
9-undefined12.5% odds
10-undefined12.5% odds
11-undefined12.5% odds
12-undefined12.5% odds
13-undefined12.5% odds
14-undefined12.5% odds
15-undefined12.5% odds

As if the NHL didn’t look bad enough as it is with having an expansion team making it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals, they now reached a new low by making a huge joke of the NHL Draft. But wait, we’re not done yet. Yes, it can get worse… much worse!

71 Pts (24)VS86 Pts (7)
79 Pts (16)VS81 Pts (11)
78 Pts (18)VS80 Pts (14)
81 Pts (13)VS81 Pts (12)
72 Pts (23)VS83 Pts (9)
74 Pts (22)VS78 Pts (19)
77 Pts (21)VS78 Pts (20)
80 Pts (15)VS79 Pts (17)

What if, by miracle, teams who didn’t have the slight chance at making the playoffs like the Montreal Canadiens or the Chicago Blackhawks somehow beat the Pittsburgh Penguins, or upset the Edmonton Oilers in the so-called “play-in” round? That’s right. As teams eliminated, the 7th overall and 9th overall team would have the same odds as anyone else losing in this joke of a round to get the first overall pick when in fact, they wouldn’t have stood a chance otherwise. So yes folks, it is possible that Alexis Lafrenière could end up suiting up for the Pens or the Oilers next season and for years to come… while Detroit picks fourth. If you don’t think it’s the most ridiculous thing, I don’t know what to tell you aside from: what’s wrong with you?

Habs’ odds

So let’s say the Canadiens do lose to the Pens in that ridiculous play-in 24-teams round… They would have a 87.5% chance of picking ninth overall as the lowest seeded team and like every other team eliminated, have a 12.5% chance of getting that elusive first overall pick. Since eight teams will be eliminated in that play-in round, all eight have 12.5% chances to first overall, another blunder by the NHL’s decision makers. That’s right. Further, if Columbus was to “upset” Toronto, the Leafs would have the same odds as Montreal for the first overall pick. Smart isn’t it? It’s to wonder why owners and GMs haven’t spoken out against this stupidity!

Fans still dream of seeing Lafrenière in a Habs’ jersey… and the hopes are alive.

Of course, you are all aware that the NHL’s reason to include 24 teams is solely to have four major hockey markets which would have not made the playoffs, in order to hope gaining some viewership. That’s right. Montreal, Chicago, New York (Rangers) and Minnesota would have all missed the playoffs and all are huge hockey markets for the NHL so having them in is simply a reach in hope to gain some… dollars.

I swear if NHL executives were any dumber, they would cast for another sequel of the movie Dumb and Dumber! You can’t make this stuff up folks! As if 2020 wasn’t screwed up enough as it is, as if the Snowflakes didn’t do enough to make the world even more laughable, the NHL is making it even more ridiculous. So you’re looking forward to the play-in and playoffs series? Count me out of this stupidity. But as a five decades Habs’ fans, I still say… Go Habs Go!

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