This Social Snowflakes Mentality Must Stop!

Life is beautiful. It truly is. But it seems to be harder and harder to see in this WiFi internet and Social Media world today. You see, you have to dig through countless negativity not only on the five o’clock news like before, but from everyone posting on the internet. Unfortunately, instead of spreading cheers and positive stories, we take from the media and spread negativity over and over again and when we don’t, we complain about the news. You see, on the internet, everyone’s an expert. On Hockey Twitter, everyone’s a coach or a GM and knows everything there is to know. With the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone became a lifelong scientist expert on viruses and now, everyone is a legal expert on civil rights. Next? Who knows but one thing is for sure: there will be tons of experts on whatever it is that comes next.

The last time I wrote something controversial, I have lost between 50-60 followers on Twitter. It’s all fine to me as those who know me are well aware that I don’t worry about the number of followers. As a matter of fact, I have started this blog to go against the flow, to show the other side of the medal, of popular belief. I am a rebel that way. I have never watched any of the Star Wars movies, nor have I watched Harry Potter, Batman (except the original with Adam West), and most of the huge blockbusters. I don’t follow the crowds. My motto is “only dead fish swim with the flow, with the current”. So I’m back with another very controversial article and I know that some people will jump to conclusions and see this as hater and intolerance. You see, you can’t control what people think of you, how the perceive you. Only you and your close ones truly know your worth. Being someone else just to “fit-in” isn’t the right approach for anyone searching for happiness.


Yesterday, I was reading an article on a tragic event, about a woman who got attacked and killed by her own dog in Nova Scotia. Then I realised that all you have to do is say the word “pitbull” and people have their pre-arranged comeback line ready, whether it makes sense or not. The first comment on Facebook was this:

Sorry but I fail to see how that’s remotely close to media hate. A dog owner got bit to death by her dog, which happens to be a pitbull. This is NEWS, tragic news, not media hate! They weren’t going to say poodle or chihuahua… Geez people, feeling attacked anytime the name is coming out. If someone is killed by a bear, they will (and should) call it a bear!


If you’re referring to any black man or woman, you’ll have some people who will turn the talk into racism. I look at this George Floyd phenomenon and I shake my head. I’m extremely happy that people are showing their support for equal treatment by authorities of power. Black, white, yellow, red, polka-dots or stripes, I don’t care, everyone should be treated the same by people in a power situation. All lives matter, including but not limited to black lives. Last night on the news, some people were referring to Floyd as a “Gentle Giant”. Gimme a break! That’s where I draw the line! He’s no hero folks. He has a lengthy criminal record including pointing a gun to a woman’s guts, and while this doesn’t justify his death, let’s not make him out to be an angel. Now watch the backlash I will be getting for daring saying this. I’ll be a racist even though those who know me also know that I’m as far away to that as it gets. Why? Because I didn’t jump on the popular beliefs bandwagon that all cops are bad and abuse people. But what about aboriginals, who have been on this land well before us? What about the treatment they get when it comes to crime, disappearance of some of them? We don’t talk about them as much, do we?


If you’re talking about gay or lesbians, some will chomp at the bit to jump to conclusions about bigotry. I’ve spoken before about the fact that we’re going overboard with the LGBT rights and special days, months, years… LGBT this, LGBT that. Painting crosswalks multi colours, bunch of parades… Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner is a hero… I mean he/she was even named Glamour’s “woman of the year”. When someone makes millions because they had a sex change, there’s something wrong. Not speaking about the sex change itself, he/she can do what he/she wants. But it shouldn’t have to be over-publicize it to look supportive and open minded. There’s a difference between accepting, respecting the matter and supporting and promoting it. It’s all fine and dandy but we’re going way overboard to be “politically correct”. Mostly, the automatic cataloguing people who dare say something that can be taken well beyond the intent by some snowflakes.

Language police

Some will talk about anyone in Quebec and they’re anti-Quebecers and hate them. We all know that Quebec and Ontario are like people in a bitter divorce, fighting for everything. I’m no better, I can’t cheer for any sports team based in Toronto. But that’s rather armless. Some of it is language based, most of it is jealousy between the two provinces and their residents. If Quebec gets something from the Feds, Ontario makes a fuss. If Ontario gets something, Quebec wants it too. Constant bickering. We don’t have to look far… have you ever taking a few minutes to watch Parliament when in session? The Speaker of the House has the worst job in Canada: babysitting a bunch of supposedly adults behaving worse than kids in kindergarten! No wonder our kids and grandkids behave the way they do: look at the parents and grandparents behave… Hater between French and English – Frogs and Blokes – is a thing in Canada and people will go overboard with it.

Christmas carols

Another clear example is the people who are offended by the lyrics of some traditional Christmas carols like “Baby it’s cold outside” and other classics, only because someone, somewhere, is reading things between the lines and it “could” mean this or that under some mindset. After one complain, all radio stations had removed those songs from their playlist, until the support the other got so strong, they brought them back. Geez… Oh and let’s not get into calling it Christmas, as it’s offensive to some!

National Anthem

In Canada, since the arrival of Justin Trudeau, it has completely blown out of proportion. The Prime Minister took it upon himself to change the lyrics of our National Anthem, going from “all our Sons’ commands” to “all of us”. What right does he have to do that to MY anthem, YOUR anthem. It’s as much OURS as it is HIS. So why weren’t we asked? Because it appeared to offend a couple of people? What about those offended by the change without consultation? Oh but they’re just intolerant Canadians, so their opinion doesn’t matter, right?


Just recently, in a – lame – attempt at satisfying the masses (careful if following them as often, the ‘M’ is silent), he single-handedly banned a list of firearms from law abiding citizens, to create a sense of false security in our nation. No words about the fact that most guns used in crimes are illegally obtained, most of which being unlawfully coming across our borders from the US. With this ban, those firearms will still be coming across and crime won’t stop. I mean street drugs are illegal. Does it prevent the people who want them from acquiring them? We’ve seen druggies shooting up in plain view! Perhaps we should ban driving as if it saves one life, it’s worth it? But shame on you if you dare go against the popular belief, right?

The Courts

Look at the outrage by some, including Court Judges, regarding releasing criminals back into society due to COVID-19. What kind of common-sense is that? Do they release law abiding seniors from care homes? Look at the lifestyle convicts have in jail: 3 meals a day, clean beds, toilets, TV, Gym, WiFi internet, etc… Look how many millions we, as a society, we are spending on people who have committed crime, who don’t contribute to our taxes and society. Now look at how our seniors are being treated and how much of public funds we spend on them, who have contributed to this country their entire lives, even pushing their CPP, QPP and OAS later in life! Snowflakes, afraid of offending anyone, would use the “human rights” to justify their softness towards criminals. No wonder they become repeat offenders: they’re better off in jail than out!

Turbans and Laws

Here in Canada, we made exceptions to our own laws not to offend anyone. But if you speak against that, you’re intolerant and racist. Example? Turbans. This article about kids wearing turbans while playing soccer is from 2013 in Quebec but there have been plenty since across our nation. Forget bicycle helmets and turbans, now three Canadian provinces are allowing Sikhs to ride motorcycles without helmets because of turbans! Come on! Why do we, as generational born citizens, have to wear a helmet and people coming from other countries with other beliefs don’t have to obey the same laws?We even changed our rules with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to allow Sikhs to wear turbans instead of the traditional stetsons. Speaking of police, a Sikh man sued them for forcely removing his turban. What if it contained a weapon, drugs? Explosives at an airport before boarding a plane? Why are WE being discriminated about and don’t claim discrimination? They did, they still do, and they get what they want so we don’t ruffle feathers and don’t come across as racists or intolerant.

Elmer Fudd gunless? What?

Yes folks, you’ve heard it right. Iconic Looney Tunes characters Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam are going without guns from now on, announced the company. Someone must have complained, as they did when targeting Wile E Coyote ACME so-called violence a couple of years go.

Even in hockey

Most times on this blog, we talk about hockey, the Habs in particular. How many times, when someone talks in favour of Shea Weber, some butthurt fans will refer to them as Subban-haters or racists? I’ve seen it many times, often from people running out of legitimate arguments. How many times, if someone praises Marc Bergevin, are they referred to “apologists” or accused of hating Subban? Speaking of which, how many times has this society prematurely jumped to conclusions to catalogue someone? Because they can’t see it from your point of view, they think that the only reason why the Canadiens traded Subban was off-ice issues. I’m telling you that it’s also on-ice issues but people don’t want to hear that. Sorry for picking on the Subban topic but that’s the most extreme, as was the Patrick Roy topic back in the days, or Guy Lafleur when he was supposedly “forced to retirement” by Jacques Lemaire and the Habs. We’ve read them after the Weber/Subban trade, after the Kotkaniemi selection, after the Max Domi acquisition, amongst other times.

More Habs examples? The language issue, whether it’d be about the number of French Canadian players on the team, or the criteria of hiring for coaches and General Managers… there’s very little tolerance and room for discussion, very little give in our points of view. Some will say loud and clear that the Canadiens should hire the best person available regardless of languages. Others, often living closer to the situation, prefer having someone who speaks their mother tongue. So far so good, right? But how dare you disagreeing publically on such topics. How dare you not want the best available! How dare you not understanding the needs of a unilingual French Canadian resident! We get offended by anything and everything.


Now don’t get me wrong… in all cases, there are extremists who are what they are accused of being. Some will have prejudices against pitbulls (I’m one of them, will never own that bread of dog). Some will be strongly against same sex marriages or any public display of it. Some really do not like Subban. Some hate Bergevin’s guts. Some English speaking Canadians can’t stand people from Quebec and vice-versa. But they are a minority. A loud minority, as it’s often the case.

Racism must stop. Intolerance must stop. Bigotry must stop. But so do systematic labelling, political correctness at the expense of common sense, giving rights to some over others and creating two sets of rules. You want to live in Canada? Obey the laws. It’s up to you to adapt to the Country, not to the Country to adapt to you. A very popular US President once said…

Now that I’ve likely offended everyone, have you ever stopped and wondered… what if, as a society including all races and religions, we got as easily offended and upset, spoke out and protested as much at things like child abuse, elderly abuse, women abuse, rape, insest, pedofilia, fraud, Government self-serving salaries and pensions, and all types of crime? Wouldn’t we be living in a better world? What if we somehow managed to replace hate and intolerance with acceptance and respect? What if, instead of going overboard with trying not to offend, we exposed those being offended for what they truly are and denounced them as such: snowflakes who feel like everything is owed to them?

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