Move Over Gordie Howe; Meet Mark Sertich

Gordie Howe was a phenom, we all know that. The one we call Mr. Hockey had an illustrious career in the NHL and in the WHA. He played his last NHL game on June 4, 1980. He was 52 years old. That season, he played 80 games and registered 15 goals and 41 points with the Hartford Whalers. Let’s face it… there are players today who would love to reach the 40 points plateau and never will. But move over, Mr. Hockey, there’s another freak of nature out there and he’s making you look like a baby.

Do you need some motivation? You can take some from a gentleman by the name of Mark Sertich, who will be turning 99 years of age in July… and he’s still playing hockey. The Duluth, Minnesota resident still hops over the boards onto the ice to play his favourite game twice a week and does his pushups, sit ups and stretches every morning. His name is in the Guinness World Record book as the oldest hockey player in the world.

Here’s a video of Mark at age 95…

How many people do you know could go skating, let alone playing the coolest game on earth, anywhere close to that age? I sure couldn’t.


Mr. Sertich passed away on August 25, 2020, victim of a stroke. He was 99 years old. RIP…

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