Trudeau’s Smoke Screen – A False Sense of Security

First and foremost, allow me to clarify a few things about myself. Most of you know that I’m a gun owner, a hunter. I don’t need an Earth Day as for me, every single day is Earth Day. I respect nature and clean up after myself. I don’t hunt for sport, I hunt for meat. In a hunting season, I usually spend one or two bullets. I don’t shoot for no reason. I’m not a sports shooter but have many friends who are, and they do so by following the rules and regulations put in place by our Governments and the RCMP. I have the RAPP phone number on my cell and have used it in the past. I am not promoting anything illegal here, never have, never will. I am 100% against crime and have family ties to the RCMP and support most of their actions. I am also not a Conservative fanatic, nor am I a Liberal or NDP or Green Party fanatic. When I vote, I vote for the party or leader who makes sense. How I miss Jack Layton… So this is NOT a campaign against Justin Trudeau, although he’s making it just that with his actions.


1- Banning such guns will save Canadians’ lives

False… for the most part. Guns don’t kill people, just like spoons don’t create obesity and motor vehicles don’t kill people. Most crimes in Canada are committed with illegally obtained guns. Investigators have said that all but one of the Nova Scotia gunman’s weapons were obtained outside of Canada, in the United States, and that he didn’t have any kind of licence to possess firearms in Canada. In order to possess and to transport such weapons, one must have a Restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence (RPAL). The other gun he had, he took from Const. Heidi Stevenson after he shot her (RIP).

2- Those guns have no place in our society

Sports shooting is a sport and 99% of people are law abiding citizens who follow the laws. Those weapons are used in shooting ranges, with very strict regulations. Before moving restricted weapons, the owner must advise the RCMP, provide a time and a place for going and returning, and cannot make any stops on the way. I don’t practice the sport. I also don’t play poker or car racing but I don’t want it banned either. To each their own.

3- Those are assault rifles

Let’s make something clear: “Assault” is either a verb or a noun, an action, not an adjective. Any weapon used in an assault is qualified as an assault weapon, kitchen knives included. The term “assault-style” has no legal definition in Canada. The Firearms Act also does not currently classify firearms as “military-style” — that term would have to be defined in the new regulations. Generally speaking, an assault-style weapon is a semi-automatic firearm with an ammunition magazine, built to fire quickly. There is already a legal limit — five rounds — on the maximum size of a magazine.


Did you know that Canada has spent $86 million over five years to prevent guns’ smuggling at the borders, the number one source of crime guns in Canada yet, Trudeau is going to spend $600 million to buy back legal guns from law abiding Canadians. It simply makes no sense. Those are YOUR tax dollars folks. OUR tax dollars. If he invested $600 million on gun smuggling, wouldn’t it be more efficient than making criminals out of law abiding citizens? Asking for a friend…

Trudeau is like the guy who craps his pants and is looking around to find someone to blame for the smell. You’re barking up the wrong tree, Justin! If you want to fight crime, take it straight on instead of feeding on the gullible with a false sense of security with your antics. Many of us can see right through the smoke screen.

The biggest issue that we, gun owners, have with this is that Trudeau is acting exactly like his predecessor Stephen Harper by being underhanded and avoiding the legal process. We ousted him for those antics and got you in with your unkept promises. In Canada, we have a democracy. There are steps in place when we want to change the law. Why is Trudeau not following those steps? Because that’s HIS agenda… just like when he didn’t ask anyone and decided to change OUR National Anthem.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer dismissed the government’s ban as “symbolism over substance,” saying it does nothing to target smugglers or those who illegally modify firearms.

“We know the Liberal approach is to ask law-abiding firearms owners to follow more laws — that’s lazy and ineffective,” Scheer said in an interview. “It’s easy but lazy. Doing this at a time when Canadians are very concerned about this pandemic is completely unacceptable. Now is not the time to make these major policy changes, especially when they’ve proven so ineffective.”

I know that I’m writing this in vain as anti-guns people, anti-hunting people, too often refuse to educate themselves on the matter. I mean, even politicians don’t want to. I do applaud Renfrew-Nipossing-Pembroke MP Cheryl Gallant who, at least, made the effort to have all MPs educate themselves on the matter of guns and what it takes in Canada to possess some, prior to voting on the matter. Of course, her recommandation fell to deaf ears and Trudeau avoided the whole debacle by passing his own agenda without following the proper channels.

So folks, you have two choices. Be a sheep and believe the crap the Government is feeding you, live in that false sense of security (until the next shooting), voluntarily turning a blind eye to the problem “because you don’t practice the sport and see no use for it”. Or do the responsible thing and educate yourself on the matter and THEN, make a decision. I know which way I’m going.

If you would like to get some information on the Possession and Acquisition Licence, or the Restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence, you can find it on the RCMP website. Yes, the RCMP does a thorough background check on every licence applicant as well as the renewal every five years. But they don’t check illegally obtained guns, which is the true issue here.

If you feel like the Government should follow the proper channel before passing their agenda, or if you feel like law abiding gun owners shouldn’t be treated like criminals, please sign this petition. It’s free.

PS: I’ve lost several Twitter followers for my take on the topic and some felt the need to point it out to me. Folks, I’ve said that since day one. I don’t care how many followers I have. I’m not a journalist. I don’t make a living with my blog, I do it out of passion. Some like it, some don’t and it’s perfectly fine that way. I do pride myself on showing two sides of the medal and you’ve heard me say that only dead fish swim with the flow. I’m not afraid to go against it if it’s something I believe in. Happy reading and… stay safe.

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