NHL: When Money and Greed Supersede Safety and Common Sense

So the NHL is trying everything in their power to rush back to playing in spite of a world pandemic and medical experts and scientists warning about the high risk of a second wave worse than the first one. They are so desperate that they are ready to do so by playing in empty arenas, losing out on tickets, concession, parking and souvenirs revenues at 16 arenas across Canada and the United States. Is anyone really surprised by that? We’re talking here about a league that’s been trying hard, since the arrival of Gary Bettman as Commissioner, to surpass the NBA and MLB, trying to get closer to the NFL in the hearts of fans in the US. All in the name of notoriety and money.

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Serious Hurdles to Overcome For NHL Return

When NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has something in his head, trying to make him look at anything else, even common sense, seems to be an impossible task. His negotiating tactics with the NHLPA for every CBA under his reign has been to lock down players and he’s even proven that he’s willing to lose an entire season to suit his or the owners’ “needs”. But don’t ask him to take this COVID-19 seriously. That he won’t. He refuses to shut down this season, preferring instead to make the players play in empty arenas throughout the summer and delaying next season instead of doing what every other professional league as done: the right thing by shutting down.

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