When the Habs Just Can't Win

It’s been a while. It’s been a long time actually. As a matter of fact, this will be the 27th anniversary of the Canadiens’ last Stanley Cup. The fact that they are the last Canadian team to win the Holy Grail does very little to the fan who wasn’t born or was too young to remember when current Habs’ assistant-coach Kirk Muller lifted the Cup over his head as a player, wearing Brendan Gallagher‘s number 11. Some of us were spoiled, having lived through several Habs’ Stanley Cup wins over the years. I was alive for 10 of them myself and while I mostly recall the ones from the 70’s onward, I still cherish the memories. But many can’t do that.

The NHL has changed since then. More US teams have joined the league, there are more Canadian players on American teams all over North America than there are in Canada. Retired players have their kids in the US, who then grow up as Americans, representing the United States in international competitions… and it snowballs from there. But we have already looked at the factors making winning a Stanley Cup an almost impossible task in Montreal, so I won’t rehash that.

Some people still don’t get this reality though and they will do everything in their power to put everything on GM Marc Bergevin, particularly those who were (and are still) hot about him trading P.K. Subban. Their frustration is even bigger now because they were clearly proven wrong on that trade… and the Alex Galchenyuk one… and the Max Pacioretty one… A times, it seems like it wouldn’t be much of a stretch is some would find a way to blame the Coronavirus pandemic on the Canadiens’ GM… but I regress.

I have decided to put a bit of a twist to this article. We tried putting it into words many times on this blog and/or on Twitter, but it seems like the message doesn’t go through. So since an image is worth 1,000 words, I’ve decided to use that approach in hope to serve as a mirror to those who are oblivious to what they’re doing on Social Media. Okay I know, it won’t work as they don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. Regardless, here’s what it looks like to hockey people around the NHL, players, fans of other teams and the more level-headed ones in our own fan base… Enjoy this hypothetical scenario.

In case you were wondering, yes, I have seen Habs’ fans claiming loud and hard that Bergevin should be overpaying instead of striking out on big UFAs every summer. The same people who were all over Bergevin for not overpaying for Alexander Radulov, who has two more years after this one, with a cap hit of $6.25 million and who reportedly wanted $8 million from the Canadiens. Radulov had 34 points so far this season, and was a healthy scratch at times in Dallas. But I regress. To keep with the above scenario, look at what Matt Duchene got from Nashville, and where it would put him on the Habs’ payroll.

And now, look at where Duchene’s production would rank him on the Canadiens. And tell me with a straight face that those who already hate Bergevin’s gut wouldn’t be all over that one, including that Showbizzz guy in a Montreal newspaper not worthy of mention as they give that guy a platform to spew his hater. You know they’d be all over that like a wet blanket.

Oh and Radulov? His 34 points would place him eight on the Habs, four points ahead of Joel Armia.

Okay, it’s dramatized… a bit. But you know that there is also a lot of truth in that story. We’ve all seen it in several occasions. Worse, if someone happens to find some positive in what Bergevin is doing, they will immediately be tagged as a Bergevin lover, or other so-called negative categorisation by those with an axe to grind against him. Still, between the two, it’s far better to stay positive through it all folks. It sure makes life much, much more enjoyable, particularly with Spring around the corner. Go Habs Go!


I am moving this week from Penticton to beautiful Nakusp, BC. I will be out of internet as they are coming to set it up on March 31st so… enjoy the break and please follow the Government’s directives in order to contain this COVID-19 horrible virus. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

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