Shea Weber Shooting For a Fourth Title

It’s the All-Star weekend in the NHL and some of the best players in the world are all gathered at the Enterprise Center, home of the 2019 Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues. The 3 on 3 mini-tournament will take place on Saturday but tonight is the most anticipated and interesting event of the weekend: the Skills’ Competition.

And the Montreal Canadiens are sending one of the best to represent them in team captain Shea Weber. Known for his big shot across the NHL, Weber is built for the hardest shots’ competition and tonight will be his time to shine. He will be gunning for his fourth hardest shots’ title, which would place him third all-time since the event was introduced back in 1990.

Since that time, 11 players have won the hardest shot All-Star competition. The event has been dominated by defensemen, with only three forwards ever winning it. The record for the hardest shot belongs to Zdeno Chara, who registered 108.8 mph on the radar gun back in 2012. But the ultimate hardest shooter is Al MacInnis, who has won it seven times!

Al MacInnis7
Zdeno Chara5
Al Iafrate3
Shea Weber3
Dave Manson1
Fredrik Modin1
Sergei Fedorov1
Sheldon Souray1
Adrian Aucoin1
Alexander Ovechkin1
John Carlson1

And these men can bring it! Chara has four of the seven hardest shots recorded while Weber has recorded two of the top three best shots, both registering over 108 mph. As a matter of fact, Weber has three of the top four hardest shots ever recorded at the All-Star game as back in 2016, his second best was 107.8 mph.

YearNameSpeed (mph)
2012Zdeno Chara108.8
2015Shea Weber108.5
2016Shea Weber108.1 – 107.8 (gala shot)
2009Zdeno Chara105.2
1993Al Iafrate105.2
2011Zdeno Chara105.0
2008Zdeno Chara103.1
2017Shea Weber102,8
2019John Carlson102.8
1994Al Iafrate102.7
2004Sheldon Souray
Adrian Aucoin
2001Fredrik Modin102.1
2002Sergei Fedorov101.5
2018Alexander Ovechkin101.3
1998Al MacInnis100.4
2007Zdeno Chara100.4
2000Al MacInnis100.1
1997Al MacInnis98.9
2003Al MacInnis98.9
1999Al MacInnis98.5
1996Dave Manson98.0
1990Al Iafrate96.0
1991Al MacInnis94.0
1992Al MacInnis93.0

You know what’s most amazing? The Al’s (Iafrate and MacInnis) did it with wooden sticks! Wouldn’t it be great to see today’s participants having to use a wooden stick for one of their three attempts? It would provide us with a better idea of the difference in velocity between the new sticks versus the old style ones.

The full line-up of participants to all events can be found on It all starts at 8:00 pm ET. Go Shea Go!

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