“I Want to Stay With the Habs. I’m No Quitter.”

Habs’ fans will be happy to read that. This quote is from none other than their favourite team’s captain, Shea Weber. In an interview with a few Montreal journalists, Weber opened up on a few topics and provided quotes that came from the heart. Weber is not the kind of person to sugarcoat things. Moreso, he’s not the type to seek attention through the media, preferring letting his play on the ice speak for itself.

Robert Laflamme, writer for LNH.com (French NHL.com), wrote a nice piece today after Weber met with the media at the All Star media venu in St. Louis. And Weber didn’t shy away from calling it the way he sees it, something those who don’t like him or Bergevin won’t particularly like.

“I want to stay with the #Habs. I’m no quitter. I never quit halfway through. You start something, you want to finish it. The goal is to win the Stanley Cup in Montreal.”
~ Shea Weber

Weber said that he was well aware of team General Manager Marc Bergevin‘s recent comments about him and Carey Price, when he told the media that the two BC natives are not available for trades and that they are key parts in the organisation.

“It means a lot to me, and to Carey too I’m sure, that he thinks that we can be key players for the #Habs’ future. My goal is to help the team make the playoffs and once there, everything is possible and any team can win the Cup.”
~ Shea Weber

The one nicknamed Man Mountain by former Leafs’ coach Mike Babcock says that he likes the way the team is progressing through youth.

“Everyone sees the key roles our young guys have to fill, mostly due to injuries. They’re playing roles they would otherwise wouldn’t have to do. But seeing them play that way, we can only look at the future with optimism.”
~ Shea Weber

He says appreciating the fact that there is a lot of pressure playing in Montreal, particularly when the team is struggling the way it is, and trade rumours are guaranteed to be omnipresent around the team up until Trade Deadline on February 24th, as several teammates could change addresses by then.

“The truth is that everything that counts for us is internal. The fans’ passion is formidable and stimulating. For us, everything that matters is what’s happening on the inside. My 22 teammates and the injured players are all that count for me, as well as everyone on the team’s staff. We want to have success and provide a better spectacle for the fans. The outside noise won’t prevent us to try to accomplish what we’re trying to do as a group.”
~ Shea Weber

Say what you will about Weber, he is one of the best players at his position, he’s a proven leader not only in the NHL, but at the international level and at 34, he’s showing no signs of slowing down, as one of the most utilised players in the league, constantly facing the opposition’s top lines. The Habs are lucky to have him in their formation, and his influence will pay huge dividends in helping the young guys grow into their own, as he’s done many times in Nashville before the trade. Go Habs Go!

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