“I Want to Stay With the Habs. I’m No Quitter.”

Habs’ fans will be happy to read that. This quote is from none other than their favourite team’s captain, Shea Weber. In an interview with a few Montreal journalists, Weber opened up on a few topics and provided quotes that came from the heart. Weber is not the kind of person to sugarcoat things. Moreso, he’s not the type to seek attention through the media, preferring letting his play on the ice speak for itself.

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Shea Weber Shooting For a Fourth Title

It’s the All-Star weekend in the NHL and some of the best players in the world are all gathered at the Enterprise Center, home of the 2019 Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues. The 3 on 3 mini-tournament will take place on Saturday but tonight is the most anticipated and interesting event of the weekend: the Skills’ Competition.

And the Montreal Canadiens are sending one of the best to represent them in team captain Shea Weber. Known for his big shot across the NHL, Weber is built for the hardest shots’ competition and tonight will be his time to shine. He will be gunning for his fourth hardest shots’ title, which would place him third all-time since the event was introduced back in 1990.

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