HUMOUR: If The Habs Were Actors

When things are not going your way like it’s been the case with the Montreal Canadiens, it’s better to get your mind off of it than it is to sulk and get frustrated. Some like to play cards, others will do some outdoors activities, some like passing their frustrations at the gym, others will do Yoga. There are so many ways to rest your mind and none are better than the others. It’s a matter of preference and doing what works for you.

Personally, I like hiding behind humour. Watching a comedy, a stand up comic, reading memes even. Those who are close to me will tell you that I have a great sense of humour, one that can get me in trouble as I often cross the line, where ever it is. You have seen some lighter and more humoristique pieces on this blog every once in a while. And with this new losing streak from our beloved Canadiens, I thought I’d test my photoshopping skills and created something for every Habs’ player. Here, have a look, and I’m hoping it makes you smile.

Take it easy on me, I’m far from being a professional but I love doing it. I do all my art work for this site, my Twitter account and my Facebook page. Hope you enjoyed. Go Habs Go!

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