Leaders’ Post-Elections Speech Ratings

First, allow me to apologise in advance for writing about politics on this blog but while my passion is hockey (and hunting), I do have a section on the blog that I call Slice of Life, a whole section in which I write about everything and anything that comes to mind that’s not hockey related. Granted, it’s not my main focus but it’s one that I will start developing more as I realise that in life, there’s so much more than hockey and that, as much as I love the game.

Yesterday was Elections day in Canada and voting, even if we don’t think will make a difference, is very important. It’s a privilege that we have by living in a country where soldiers fought for our freedom and our rights to a democratic society. You see, we have a choice, we have a voice, and even on this blog, I encouraged everyone to go out and vote, particularly younger people. And the people of Canada have spoken: our next government will be a Liberal minority government with the Conservatives as official opposition. Quebec has also spoken loud and clear by bringing back the Bloc Quebecois from the dead.

I will leave the detailed analysis to political experts, which I certainly am not. But what struck me as a Canadian last night, were the speeches of every party leader. Most of them were humble, positive, and all but one was respectful of their opposition. All but Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, but we’ll get back to it. First, let’s listen to Yves-François Blanchet of the Bloc Quebecois:

Humble yet clear that he will be serving the people who gave him a clear mandate. Respectful of other parties nonetheless. No BS in this speech.

Now, the speech that impressed me the most, personally. See, I have never stopped to listen to NDP’s leader Jagmeet Singh speak before last night and I was shocked to hear how poised, genuine and respectful of a man he is. He shocked me when he broke into French too. The late Jack Layton, the last politician to truly “speak to me”, would have been proud of that speech:

Now our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, with the same speech he’s been giving, and pardon me to say that it’s the same lip-service he gave four years ago, breaking hundreds of electoral promises after that. Will this time be different under a minority? Time will tell. But here’s what Mr. Trudeau had to say:

Last but not least, Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, who have won the West single-handedly. Notice the difference in the tone and what he says, compared to the previous three:

Attacks, sour grapes, like a kid who didn’t get his way. Mr. Scheer if I may… yes, you won the popular vote but only because you had most of the votes out West. Don’t fool yourself. Anyone with a solid platform would have taken advantage of a Trudeau who, let’s face it, had basically knocked himself out with the SNC Lavalin lies, the blocking of the RCMP investigation, the Phoenix payroll fiasco, the “outfit outrage” on his trip to India, the “black man” Halloween picture, his loosy-goosy immigration and many other blunders.

All you had to do, Mr. Scheer, was to come up with a political platform that would cater to the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario as you already had the West in your back pocket. Instead, you chose to keep putting down a Trudeau who was already down, and rally your own troops out west. And you continued making the same mistake in your post-elections’ speech. This was YOUR elections to lose and you did a fantastic job at it. Instead of accepting defeat with grace, you did what no other leader has done: continued your attacks. People in Canada have taken notice and that, no matter what party they’ve supported in this election. In a world where you need to get more voters outside the Conservative contingency, you have pushed potential supporters away… again. The Liberal didn’t win those elections as much as you’ve handed them the win on a silver platter.

Rant over folks. Elections are over and it’s time to get back to hockey (and hunting). We have a Government. Did I “lose” my elections? No. Did I “win” my elections? Not based on the party that was elected but yes, I won my elections by having exercised my right to vote. The people of Canada have spoken and I beg you follow my lead by putting your political differences aside and return to being CanadiAns… and cheer on our CanadiEns! Go Habs Go!

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