Under The Gun Video: It’s Not Racism!

Well folks, I’m trying something new, something I’ve never done before so please take it easy on me, beloved readers. As you will see, I have a perfect face for radio and you will also notice why I write and don’t work in television. Having said that, even old dogs like yours truly have to try to keep up with technology and this is my very first attempt at a videocast. This first one is about P.K. Subban being voted the most overrated player in the NHL, and mostly some of the reactions to that news. Here’s hoping you enjoy it, as it might become a more regular feature to Habsterix.com. Thank you for viewing and for sharing. Go Habs Go!

3 thoughts on “Under The Gun Video: It’s Not Racism!

  1. Right-on mon chum!

    C’est bien réussi pour une 1e! Manque juste le logo de HSL en arrière-plan! 😉


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