Coaching Decision Costs The Habs Against Pittsburgh

Sometimes, we as fans give too much credit to the coaches. Sometimes, it’s the opposite. As Barry Trotz is proving once again, coaching makes a world of difference, especially when players “buy into the system”. Some decisions work, others well… not so much. The best coaches however will adapt throughout a game. He will recognize what works and what doesn’t and will adjust on the fly. As Albert Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Claude Julien is a good coach, let’s be totally clear about that. He’s a coach who can adapt and he’s proven that this season, when he totally changed the Canadiens’ style of play. They are now an exciting team to watch… most nights. Last night was the Canadiens’ single most important game of the season against a team that was fighting directly with them for the last playoffs’ spots. A team that can count on the best player in the world: Sidney Crosby.

Sidney Crosby had a heyday against Jeff Petry and Jordie Benn.

Prior to the game, Penguins’ head coach Mike Sullivan submits his starting line-up. He wants to make a statement, start the game on the right foot, so he puts Crosby’s line on the ice to start the game. Claude Julien is made aware of that and he decides to oppose… Jeff Petry and Jordie Benn against them. Results? Benn turns the puck over, Crosby takes full advantage and seconds into that crucial game, gives his team a 1-0 lead.

Petry and Benn was a combination that was tried at times this season (and last) and it never worked. They are not compatible and we, as fans, have noticed that. Reuniting them was mind boggling to start with. Putting them up against Crosby, when he has Shea Weber, arguably the best shutdown defenseman at his disposition, was insanity.

To make matters worse, Julien kept with this matchup all night. The results? A four points night for Crosby and a 5-1 shellacking at the hands of Pittsburgh in front of a dumbfounded crowd at the Bell Centre. And the Habs can’t use the excuse that they had played the night before as the Penguins also played on Friday night. No excuses… except a bad, bad game plan by the coach who was too stubborn to adjust and react seeing that it wasn’t working. This loss in the most important game of the season, it’s not on Benn, Petry, Domi, Price, Weber and company. This loss is solely on Claude Julien.

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