Best Habs and Expos Songs

The internet can be great to find things you’re looking for but have you ever gotten caught in a Youtube vortex? You know, when you find a video, watch it, then it leads you to another one… then another one? Well that’s what I did this week, while killing time since there were no Habs’ game on TV. This time, it led me to a very good hurricane of videos. Yes, a bunch of songs about my two All-Time favourite sports teams: the Montreal Canadiens and the Montreal Expos.

In this unusual and unique blog post, I have decided to share some of my very favourite songs, bringing back some great memories about those two beloved franchises.

You will notice that as fans, we owe a big thank you to the ultimate leader of songs about the Habs and Expos, heavyweight Annakin Slayd and feel free to visit his Youtube Channel to listen to all of his great songs. Without further ado, here’s my compilation, for your listening pleasure…


Annakin Slayd – Rock the Sweater

Annakin Slayd – Feels Like ’93

Annakin Slayd – MTL Stand Up

Banners (Habs Fight Song)

Loco Locass – Le But (+ English subtitiles!)

Bring The Cup Back Home

Vers la coupe

On veut faire les séries

The great Gary Carter reuniting with Youppi! at the Bell Centre


Expos Classics Intro

Remember (A Tribute to the Montreal Expos) by Annakin Slayd

“Tip That Cap” by Annakin Slayd (Tribute to Tim Raines & Expos Nation)

Annakin Slayd – Kid (A tribute to Gary Carter)

94 Fall (A tribute to the 1994 Montreal Expos) by Annakin Slayd

Wish You Were Here (Montreal Expos Version) by Annakin Slayd

Montreal Expos song – Long Long Time Ago (by CHOM 97,7)

So folks, which ones are your personal favourites? Listening to the Expos’ ones make me sad. It makes me realise how much I miss cheering them on, the excitement of going to the Big-O, watching them on TV or listening to the games on the radio. Here’s hoping that Warren Cromartie and company are successful in bringing them back and mostly, that Montreal embrasses them and supports them. Go Habs Go! Let’s Go Expos!

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  1. JD, this last articles, the songs… brought tears to my eyes. Can we dream of a Stanley Cup run again? Can we dream of getting the Expos back? From a Las Vegasian who saw the birth of the Golden Knights and get to witness their unbelievable 1st season: everything is possible. Good job my friend!

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