Habs Parody: Go Habs Go (Let It Snow)

Christmas time… the lucky ones have some snow, but it looks like the Okanagan, BC’s interior, won’t this season. Still, it’s a time to rejoice, laugh, trying to see the positive in the people around us. It’s time to unwind a bit and enjoy life. Christians have an additional reason but all can take the time to reflect and perhaps enjoy the littles things a bit more. In this Christmas spirit, here’s another parody of your beloved Canadiens.

Oh, the season ahead is frightful

But the game is so delightful

And since we’ve no place to go

Go Habs Go, Go Habs Go, Go Habs Go!

Man, it’s hard to refrain from cheering

As we watch these guys go flying

Expectations were way down low

Watch’em go, watch’em go, watch’em go!

When they’re playing on hockey night

Looking at Drouin and Domi perform

And if number 90 shall strike

Chanting Tataaar is the norm!


But the PK is slowly dying

Special teams are plain alarming

The powerplay has been a no show

Let’em blow, let’em blow, and blow!

When Carey’s game is airtight

We’ll be able to weather the storm

The Captain is back to fight

Scaring them all with his bomb!


Come on fans keep encouraging

By their side, we are still standing

And as long as we love them so

Go Habs Go, Go Habs Go, Go Habs Go!

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