Galchenyuk Trade: The Tip of the Iceberg


A mini-bomb anywhere in the NHL becomes a nuclear bomb in Montreal, particularly when you have some loud and disgruntled members of the media and fans who are just looking at any move to find the negative instead of trying to look at both sides of the medal. Haters? Meh. I have a problem with the cataloguing that way, just like if someone is more positive shouldn’t be tagged as ‘a lover’. The reality? There ARE two sides to a story and contrary to popular belief, putting our heads in the sand does not make things disappear.

The Canadiens announced that they had traded controversial Alex Galchenyuk to the Arizona Coyotes for Max Domi, son of former Toronto Maple Leafs’ enforcer Tie Domi. From a few reactions I’ve been reading on Twitter, few seem to like the trade. Some don’t like the fact that the organisation gave up on Galchenyuk, some think that the team should have received more in return, a few just hate whatever GM Marc Bergevin does, regardless of what it might be. Others, like yours truly, prefer trying to dig a bit more before making a judgment.

The reality is also this: Galchenyuk oozes talent. He doesn’t always show it, going stretches where he’s a non-factor. Two coaches with a combined total of just under 1,000 wins in the NHL have deemed him unfit for the centre position and in spite of that, some people think that they know better than successful professionals.

Tip of the Iceberg?

And what if, like it was the case with beloved P.K. Subban, there was more to this trade that what meets the eye? In Subban’s case, it wasn’t for the same reasons as Galchenyuk, let’s be honest here. But the correlation here is what if the true reason(s) wasn’t made public by the organisation, not to get in a dirty laundry campaign? In spite of his great talent, Subban came with baggage that NHL people knew about. Different baggage, but so does Galchenyuk.

In spite of what some will tell you, the Canadiens’ organisation has tried numerous times to help the young man ‘get things straight’. They traded away Nathan Beaulieu. They traded away Devante Smith-Pelly. All in hope that Galchenyuk could use others as ‘role-models’ to mold his young career after. After the debacle of last season, it now seems like the organisation has finally lost patience with him. Is it too soon? Maybe. But again, maybe not.

Those things folks, whether you want to admit it or choose to stick your head in the sand instead, definitely do affect a player’s value on the trade market. You’re not happy with the return? That’s fine, you’re totally entitled to think that. But at the very least, let’s try to be a little bit honest and acknowledge that the player has something to do with it. Don’t be foolish and buy into the conspiracy theory that it’s all on the GM’s head.

In the meantime, had you ever imagined that Tie Domi would, one day, be cheering for our beloved Habs? Join us Tie: Go Habs Go!

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