Open Letter to Geoff Molson: The Reply


There is no denying that Montreal Canadiens’ fans are a passionate bunch and they love their team. At least it’s true for most of them as some of the comments being made since the team’s early elimination, combined with loverboy P.K. Subban moving on the the Stanley Cup finals, have all contributed to a real war amongst those who – somewhat – used to pull together cheering for the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge.

One of those venting blog posts was pointed out to me by a couple of Twitter followers who wanted my take about it. The blog post is entitled The Case for Firing Marc Bergevin: An Open Letter to Geoff Molson and was written by a gentleman by the name of Geoff Read who, according to his bio, is an associate professor of History.

In his post, Mr. Read goes on about what he feels are reasons why Canadiens’ owner and President Geoff Molson should fire team General Manager Marc Bergevin. While I will not quote the details of Mr. Read’s reasonings (the link to the full article is posted above), I will break it down the same way he did and you will see why, even if he took the time to read the letter, Mr. Molson will not fire his GM based on what was presented.

For one thing, Bergevin took over as the Canadiens’ General Manager and Executive Vice-President to Mr. Molson on May 2, 2012, a process that the ownership group didn’t take lightly, having hired Molson family long time friend Serge Savard to help narrow the choices. So if one must point the finger, lets ensure that we use the proper timeline when talking about Bergevin’s work. For example, saying that the team hasn’t won a cup since 1993 doesn’t fall on Bergevin’s shoulders, but only the time in which he was at the helm.


Evidence: TRUE or FALSE

This “promising young team” he took over had just finished last in the Eastern Conference and 28th overall in the NHL. Aside from one difficult seasons which saw league MVP Carey Price miss all but 12 games, Bergevin’s team has not missed the playoffs and had seasons of 63 points in 48 games (1st in Northeast), 100 points, 110 points (1st in Atlantic) and 103 points (1st in Atlantic). If that is mediocre, it might be time to get some more realistic expectations or change the definition.

In 2012-2013, the Habs’ average age was 27.353 years old. Last season, the Canadiens ranked 15th in the NHL in age with an average of 26.899 years old. If that’s aging, I am hoping that I do age the same way Bergevin is doing to his team!


Evidence: TRUE or FALSE

Whether fans like it or not, Montreal is a special market in the sense that it is the only truly predominantly francophone market and the organization will hire the best bilingual coach and/or GM available. Now people can chose to have a hissy fit about it, kick, scratch, roll on the floor, cry and behave like a 3 year-old not getting their way at Walmart, it doesn’t change that fact.

Michel Therrien was, along perhaps with Bob Hartley, one of the best bilingual candidates available at the time. Hartley, who was also interviewed by the Calgary Flames for their vacant head coaching positions, decided to go with his good friend Jay Feaster prior to the Habs’ process being done.

Don’t get me wrong, while I wasn’t part of the process and know nothing about how the interviews went, Therrien wasn’t my choice either but his record behind the Canadiens’ bench forced me to admit that he wasn’t as bad as some, including yourself Mr. Read, want to believe.

The teaching of Alex Galchenyuk on the wing was, whether you want to admit it or not, the right thing to do. Five years later, Claude Julien, a very reputable and well respected coach in the NHL who happens to be bilingual, did the same. The fact is that Galchenyuk simply isn’t committed enough to play centre the way it must be played at the NHL level as guess what? Long gone are the days when you put a checking line against the opposition’s top line. Top lines go against each other more often than not and that means that Galchenyuk is/was exposed in his own zone, costing the team. Heck Mr. Read, even Sidney Crosby, in spite of his immense offensive skills, committed himself to become one of the best two-way centres in the league!


Evidence: TRUE* or FALSE

I do lean towards agreeing with that statement. However, even if it were true, allow me to put an asterisk (*) beside that claim for the simple reference of the previous paragraph where you claim that he should have never been hired for the job to start with. While I don’t want to put intentions where there might not be any, it sure looks a bit biased to use as a reason. Fair enough?


Evidence: TRUE or FALSE

That is the single biggest misconception that many Habs’ fans believe in when in fact, it’s all made up and unfounded. I will save myself from telling you why I say so, because I have done so in great length in a recent factual article on the topic. As an associate professor of History, you should know that one also needs to look at circumstances and study the reasons for certain behaviours in the course of the said history in order to paint an accurate picture. It obviously wasn’t done prior to writing your original article, Mr. Read, and with time to reflect, I’m sure that you would agree.


Evidence: TRUE or FALSE

The season prior to Bergevin taking over, the Canadiens were 19th in the NHL in goals’ scored per game at 2.52. Since then:

  • 2012-2013: 3.04 G/GP (4th in NHL)
  • 2013-2014: 2.55 G/GP (21st in NHL)
  • 2014-2015: 2.61 G/GP (20th in NHL)
  • 2015-2016: 2.63 G/GP (16th in NHL)
  • 2016:2017: 2.72 G/GP (15th in NHL)

However, as goals’ for is only one small token to determine if a team has improved or not, let’s look if, under Bergevin, he has been able to improve on the team’s goals’ against, shall we? The season prior to taking over, the Canadiens were allowing 2.61 goals against per game. Since then:

  • 2012-2013: 2.58 GA/GP (14th in NHL)
  • 2013-2014: 2.45 GA/GP (8th in NHL)
  • 2014-2015: 2.24 GA/GP (1st in NHL)
  • 2015-2016: 2.84 GA/GP (21st in NHL) – Carey Price played 12 games
  • 2016:2017: 2.41 GA/GP (4th in NHL)

Could he have done more, or would he have liked to add offense? You bet. But he has improved his team. Stating otherwise would be ill intent based on facts alone.


Evidence: TRUE or FALSE

You claiming that the Detroit Red Wings were the poster boys until this year has been refuted with facts in many occasions around the NHL, including in an article that I wrote myself.

Charles Hudon, Alex Galchenyuk, Artturi Lehkonen, Jacob De la Rose, and Michael McCarron… you know what these guys all have in common Mr. Read? They were all drafted by Trevor Timmins under Marc Bergevin and they all have NHL experience! You can add Zachary Fucale who was also drafted in those two years and that’s a pretty darn good record, particularly when comparing with others like in the above-mentioned article. Then add Brett Lernout, Nikita Scherbak and Mikhail Sergachev, all drafted since 2014 and who have all had a taste of the NHL already.

Now look at how others drafted more recently are performing at their respective levels and force is to admit that considering where the Canadiens draft most years, they are doing more than just all right. Also don’t forget the fact is that unless a player is drafted early in the first round, rarely will he make the NHL, let alone have an impact at that level for at least 3-5 years.


So that open letter that’s been going around is factual on one point out of the six total presented. Do you or anyone really think that Molson will act on it by firing his GM? Because a fan or a handful are dissatisfied with the way things have ended this year or worse… because their beloved Subban is gone?

In all due respect Mr. Read, don’t make a career as a historian as using historic facts, studying reasons for human behaviours and putting it all together to paint a clear and precise picture falls along the lines of the few, but loud minority of Habs’ fans who have a sense of entitlement about everything and anything instead of with this country’s good historians.

Bergevin is there to stay as his job is safe. He does, however, have a very important summer ahead of him and no one works harder at his craft than the Canadiens’ GM. Go Habs Go!

4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Geoff Molson: The Reply

  1. Hello again,

    Although I tend to believe you are a defender of the actual management, I do appreciate your coolness (think, not react emotionally).
    Even so, I see some disturbing tendencies in this group. (I am just a disappointed fan, not at all a specialist. A good observer, though …).

    First tendency: giving more importance to language and friendship than competency. (I’m talking about coaching, firstly the choice, than sticking with Therrien too long. The rumors (yes…) that S. Lefebvre was offered a new contract is simply illogical…

    Second tendency: some hefty contracts to some players that he liked for their character: Emelin got waaay to much for an unproven player. Shaw, in addition to the hefty cost to acquire him, got way too much as a salary. In my opinion, even Petry got too much, but hey… at least he has some good moments. 🙂 Plecky… huh, I always defended this guy, but he shouldn’t past 5,5 mil… Let’s hope that he only had an off (awful) year, ’cause I don’t see Vegas getting him…

    Third tendency: to mishandle the development of young players from the system. (It was probably the reason for which the writer perceived it as “older” team). I have a hard time understanding how come he could’t give a chance to Nygren instead of trying all those plugs along the time. Even Ellis, he never had a chance, even if he was quite well seen in the AHL (he won something like “the defenceman of the year”). Hudon’s case remains a mystery… Sure, you may say “nobody else saw them better”… May be true, but I’m not agreeing: it is our farm, we must give THEM chances to develop, not give “one more chance” to guys before their retirement… Worse, we pay draft pick for guys like King…

    So, I’m quite pessimistic about the future. The cap space will be ruthless. All may change if …good things happen THIS very summer (something like: miraculously he’ll resign Price under 8 mill, Vegas picks Emelin or Plecky, bring back Radu AND fetch a good center).

    Actually, he has to get better. Look around!


    1. Thank you for the reply Cristian. We don’t have to agree to respect each other’s opinion and I strongly believe that. You are raising some good points and Bergevin is not perfect. Show me a perfect GM and I’ll show you a liar. 🙂 At some point, players must take their own career in their own hands, grow up and become the player everyone thought they could be. We had a perfect example here with Carey Price. Some players simply don’t have the said character to make it in the hotbed that is Montreal. You fill their pockets with major cash, you throw in a few puck bunnies (pardon the expression) and you have young men who think they have it made. Management can warn them, even support them, but they can’t do it for them.

      You have two pieces of 2×4 and a nail. I can provide you with a hammer to help you nail them together but the hammer isn’t going to pick itself up. You must want to pick it up and do the work.

  2. Major props due on this. If Geoff is reading this, he is, like me, smiling. You did a great job top to bottom. I personally as a HABS Fan am looking forward to Both Drafts, free agency, and training camp. Summer will be busy and fun. Go HABS Go

    1. Thank you Matthew. Much appreciated. I think that there is a lot of information shoved down our throats by bloggers and even some members of the media and they repeat their lies so much that they start believing them. At some point, we must stop and educate those people. Although as it doesn’t serve their rhetoric, they won’t read or believe it.

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