Habs’ Fans Take on Twitter


When the Montreal Canadiens swept the two-game series against division rivals Ottawa Senators last weekend, all seemed good amongst the fanbase. Captain Max Pacioretty was on pace for a 40 goals season, Carey Price was back to form, headcoach Claude Julien was winning games. Some fans were seeing the team as one of the best in the Eastern Conference, at the very least the best in the Atlantic Division. Funny how to games can change people’s perspective on things…

After two consecutive lacklustre efforts against two non-playoffs’ teams in the Detroit Red Wings and the Carolina Hurricanes, fans are all over everyone that breaths around the Canadiens’ organisation. Whether it be the players, the coaching staff, the General Manager or even the owner, everyone is getting either fired, traded or insulted by a very frustrated fanbase with pundits who were just waiting in the weeds to jump out and say their traditional: “I told you so…”

Here are a few examples of comments taken on Twitter with the #Habs hashtag:


I think that Marie here summed up the situation quite well. Well done. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fans are frustrated, that’s understandable. But this team is just not as good as some want them to be, or think that they are when they are winning. A season is filled with ups and down and even the Washington Capitals have been losing lately. The Pittsburgh Penguins lost to Ottawa last night, a team that the Habs beat twice in two nights less than a week ago.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, although I very well know that the message won’t get across for most of the people reading this: Relax people. Yes it’s fun to cheer for a hockey team but remember that inย the big scheme of things, it’s just a game, a pass time for us fans. Think of your loved ones, think of what if you lost your health and were terminally ill… or a loved one. Yes have passion, but also have boundaries and learn to stay within them. The ride will be that much more enjoyable when you look back and get to your goal. Go Habs Go!

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