It’s on The Internet, It Must Be True!


In this day and age, where everyone and anyone can post things on the internet, own a blog and even be hired on by so-called reputable media outlets, it is sometimes difficult to decide on what is legitimate and what is simply an opinion. Too often, fans tend to take as factual an article or a writer based on what they believe to be true themselves.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, one must be able to take a step back and recognise the difference between the two types of articles as not everyone will include, in their texts, the type of information they are providing or the criteria on which they base their findings, or their opinion. In either case, cool heads prevail and taking a conservative approach is the best way to read anything that we see on the internet.

For example, reporting that Habs’ GM Marc Bergevin traded fan-favourite P.K. Subban to the Nashville Predators for Mark Messier Award winner Shea Weber is a fact. Stating that Bergevin doesn’t like Subban or that the Canadiens have lost that deal is an opinion, although arguable, but still only an opinion.

Much has been said earlier when Josh Gold-Smith or The Score released a list of the NHL’s GMs, head coaches and team owners’ rankings, then placing a number on the overall ranking of a franchise. Some fans, likely because it fit their belief and argument, chose to take those rankings to the bank and taking them as facts when in reality, it’s just an opinion piece, no better nor worse than your own… or mine.


Depending on who you ask, you will find people in agreement with the assessment and others, like me, who will question the ranking and even the justification for such reasoning. While Michel Therrien certainly will never be confused with Scotty Bowman, it is very arbitrary to say that he has “mishandled the line-up”. If you ask Bergevin or Molson, they will tell you otherwise.

Since taking over the reigns of the Canadiens, Marc Bergevin has been voted amongst the best GMs in the trade by his fellow GMs around the league, with the exception of last year. So because of one bad season by his team, after taking low-risk gambles on Semin and Kassian and choosing not to overpay for temporary fixes, Gold-Smith and company rank him 26th out of 30. In his justification, he bases this on an opinion that the Subban trade was a “blunder”. Was he in the dressing room? How well does he know Weber? While it’s an opinion convenient to some, it is far from a representation of the facts surrounding the team and only time will tell if the team ever regrets that move.

Be careful folks before jumping to conclusions or placing a judgement on the team’s ranking because you’ve read it on the internet. Mostly, remember that because a loud mass seem to think one way, it does not necessarily mean that it’s a majority of people thinking that way or that they are right. After all, Donald Trump seems to have a lot of people fooled, doesn’t he? Yet, those believing in him will swear that he’s the best thing since sliced bread!

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