He Said, She Said – Elliott Friedman’s take


Elliott Friedman‘s 30 thoughts are always fun to read and this one, particularly for Habs’ fans, is no different. Friedman states that the Canadiens are hot on Pierre-Luc Dubois and that he won’t be available when they select at number nine. The Oilers (4th) and the Canucks (5th) are in perfect position to draft the French Canadian player, and the Canucks have shown interest in drafting him.

Picking fourth and fifth are the Edmonton Oilers and the Canucks, both of whom would be very interested in Subban. Vancouver GM Jim Benning admitted as much on Thursday. His best offer would include Bo Horvat, Chris Tanev and the fifth overall selection. There is some debate about Benning’s willingness to include Horvat, but he may not be able to get this done without doing so.

The biggest question for Bergevin would be, is that enough? Can you sell that trade even if it brings you Dubois?

While Bo Horvat and the fifth overall (Dubois) are very interesting, I don’t think that Tanev is enough to tilt the scale the Canucks’ way. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that Vancouver has what it takes to compete against other teams in a bid for Subban, although that 5th overall pick is interesting for Marc Bergevin if he wants Dubois.

Edmonton is a different animal. One report on Thursday said the price was Leon Draisaitl and the fourth overall pick. But a couple of sources warned that, at times, the ask has been even greater than that.

The Oilers, desperate to add defenders, are having a difficult time meeting their objective. They will not give up their most valuable pieces for anyone who lacks term. Someone like Kevin Shattenkirk simply does not make sense for them, as it’s extremely unlikely he stays beyond the end of next year. That’s a waste of a move.

Subban is locked in for seven more seasons. That’s hugely appealing. But the ask is not, and, from what I understand, GM Peter Chiarelli has not budged from his position. If there are two guys at this draft playing chicken right down to the wire, it’s Bergevin and Chiarelli.

Now you’re talking about a real possibility, especially if Chiarelli ups the ante before the Oilers have to pick at number four. They have the tools to sacrifice to make a deal worthwhile for the Canadiens and for Bergevin to change his mind. The question is: who will blink?

Remember that Subban is NOT being shopped so if the Oilers (or any other team for that matter) want him, they will have to pay the price!

Colorado was in this for a while, and the Avalanche could make it work. GM Joe Sakic declined comment, but sources cited two major stumbling blocks: Colorado didn’t like the contract, and the two sides could not agree on the return. I know everyone’s suspected the deal was Tyson Barrie, Matt Duchene and the 10th pick, but I’m not convinced Sakic was willing to do that. (One source cautioned it never even got that far.)

If this offer is on the table later today and Bergevin pulls the trigger, I can’t say that I would blame him. Especially if he can save his ninth pick and trade the 10th to acquire a player like Cam Fowler

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