Terrorism: Time For People to Refocus


Compassion… Support… Frustration… Disbelief… Heartbreak… Denial… Sorrow… all word that can be used to represent the feelings of people watching, listening and/or reading about the latest tragedy that hit Orlando, Florida. No need to get into details, media outlets everywhere have been bombarding us with news and updates, witness testimonies and stories about the victims, their friends and families, at on the perpetrator of this horrific crime.

However, I can’t be the only one feeling the need to vent about the so-called reporting, the over-the-top outrage and at the way this terrible tragedy is being portrayed. In order to understand where I’m coming from with this though, you need to get to know me a bit better. Personally, I don’t like crowds. I’m a fisherman, a hunter, a camper. I don’t like when everyone goes with the flow. I don’t like “new waves” or “new fashions” when it comes to public exposure. I’ve never seen Star Wars, the early movies or the latest one. I have never seen Batman the movies, or Harry Potter. I have no intention what so ever to watch them either. Give me peace and quiet any day over public exposure. My definition of a great evening is in front of a camp fire, not in a bar or restaurant.

I’m a Christian. I’m a Knight of Columbus. When I pray, it’s almost always on my own, inside my head. I don’t impose my beliefs on others. I don’t like when others don’t respect my own beliefs either. I don’t like the hate, the racism, the narcissism and the intolerance we see in this world. I’m not better, nor worse, than my neighbour. I profoundly dislike the fact that we have to “celebrate” tolerance and respect of other people and their beliefs.candle

Reading the recent events, I absolutely despise hearing those making a big deal of the fact that the latest cowardly attack was in a gay bar. It has nothing to do with it. I didn’t see anyone making a fuss at the fact that the attacks in Paris were against heterosexuals… same with all other attacks by those extremist idiots with no respect for the innocents. No matter the colour, religion or sexual orientation of the victims, those are hate crimes against the western beliefs, not against a specific sexual orientation! I wish people and media would stop using tragedies to push their agenda instead of feeling true sorrow. God will see through all of that I’m sure and while it’s not for me to judge, I don’t have to like seeing that kind of behaviour.

I don’t promote gay lifestyle. I believe that men and women are physiologically constructed to mate, to reproduce the specie. That’s what I believe but you’ll never see me push my agenda on someone else. That’s because I also believe in respect for one another. If someone chooses to be gay (I understand that it may not be a choice), to believe in a different religion than me, to speak a different language, to like different things than I do, it’s up to them. As long as they are good people, treat others with respect and do good things around them, I respect that. I respect them as individuals, as people.

The outrage, regardless of the intended target of the day, should not be that it’s against gays, lesbians, heterosexuals, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, black, white, big, small, overweight, fitness freaks. Crime is NOT multi-colour. Crime is red, like the blood it’s shedding… the innocents’ blood. The focus needs to be on the fact that those crimes are committed against innocent people going on with their daily lives, within the laws in their country. That’s where the focus needs to be.

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