Two Sides to the Robinson Story


Remember the old game of telephone, when someone would tell a neighbour a story and this story would get passed on from person to person, to eventually return to the first person but the story is quite different? Time seems to have the same effect and we had yet another example recently.

Stu Cowan, a reporter for the Montreal Gazette, wrote an article a few days ago about how the Canadiens passed on Larry Robinson, preferring Jean-Jacques Daigneault instead as assistant to head coach Michel Therrien. Quoting Robinson’s long time friend and business manager Donny Cape, Cowan wrote that a meeting was set-up with Bergevin on July 6, 2012 when Robinson was planning on being in Montreal. According to Cape, Bergevin called him to announce that they had interviewed Daigneault and asked him to tell Robinson the news, to which Cape replied: “You call him”, which Bergevin did. Cape is quoted in the article saying: “Okay, they don’t want us”.

Reading those quotes, I couldn’t help but noticing a sense of not only frustration, but more a sense of entitlement or revenge. The guy seems pissed-off. One has to wonder why? Is it possible that Cape played a role in the fact that Robinson didn’t get the job? I doubt that if he did, he’d admit to it but he knows. Robinson knows. So do Bergevin and Therrien.

One thing that I clearly remember from those days though, it’s that it was reported that Big Bird could not travel to be interviewed because he had to stay and take care of his farm in Florida, due to Tropical Storm Debby and Hurricane Ernesto hitting that state quite hard. He definitely was on Michel Therrien’s list of candidates.

It is obvious that those who have something against the Bergevin and Therrien regime will be jumping all over that story to add to their beef against Habs’ management, but those with no such agenda will recognize that in most case, there is more to a story than what meets the eye. Sometimes, not everything is said or published for whatever the reason might be. I’m not accusing Mr. Cowan of wrong doing, far from there. He reported what he was told. But I’m questioning if Mr. Cape, who was faced with the question and who might still be hot about the whole thing, didn’t only tell part of the whole story in this case, only what was convenient for him.

As we touched on fairly recently, there is no doubt in my mind that the Habs Need Big Bird in the Nest. But to accuse current management of “picking Daigneault ahead of Robinson” is, in my opinion and my recollection of the facts back then, not the entire truth. Be careful of what you read folks. There are always two sides to a story.

EDIT May 30, 2016

Geoff Molson felt the need to set the record straight with this tweet:


One thought on “Two Sides to the Robinson Story

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve listened to the interview of L. Robinson’s agent on TSN (with Tony Marinarro) and this is his side (of the story).
    What is the other side?
    If was them, indeed who couldn’t come on that precious date, What was the emergency for Bergevin? Other organizations’ new coaches visited players in Russia, Sweden, etc., but they couldn’t wait for the hurricane to pass, or go themselves to wherever L. Robinson was?!
    Unfortunately, for Bergevin and the gang is more important where are you from and with whom you are friend… Is More important to give the quebequers “a chance” than… Wining!

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