A Habs Easter Story


On this Easter weekend, why not take a lighter approach to the Montreal Canadiens’ season from hell? After a promising start, the wheels fell off the wagon and at the same time, many fans fell off that same wagon. But Easter is a positive and serene time, a story of hope and a sense of optimism. Can you take it after a season of constant negativity?

You see, the Canadiens had their Saviour who, year after year, kept amazing the crowds with his miracles. Born in a small town of Anahim Lake, Carey Price was later baptised by the great Ken Dryden. He has since been teaching the NHL how a goaltender should play the game and how a silent leader can lead his team and hide its flaws. When he wasn’t multiplying the fish and wine for a constantly growing line of followers in the fan base, Price was walking on water (frozen mind you, but water none the less), healing the blind fans and sharing his words of wisdom in the Canadiens’ dressing room.


In His absence of four months in the desert, the Canadiens’ fans have had their faith tested and while most still believe, others have chosen to take the critical approach and will deliver him to Ponce Pilot, the ultimate betrayal. For what, will you ask? For a few silver coins, better known today as Twitter endorsers, as they chose to sell their soul to popular belief instead of believing what they have witnessed in the last few years prior.

In a symbolic gesture, they prefer to see him and his preaching being crucified in the public place, questioning his word and his disciples Max, P.K., Alex, Brendan, Marc and Michel, who they perceive as evil as it is more convenient to do so since it goes against their own beliefs. The Canadiens’ playoffs hopes are dead, now officially eliminated.

Little do they know, if history has taught us jesuspriceanything, it’s that He will resurrect, He will rise from the death and He will become even more powerful than ever, leading his disciples to the Promised Land. Like Thomas, even faced with the Truth, some will refuse to admit being in the wrong and will continue finding excuses to justify their means but fortunately, most will be delivered from evil and will acclaim Carey Price and the religion that represents “La Sainte-Flanelle”, the Montreal Canadiens.

Happy Easter Habs’ fans and remember: Easter is not about the Easter Bunny. It’s about resurrection and the Canadiens will do just that.

Image credit: Ygreck and Garnotte.

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