Las Vegas Is Not For Everyone


Vegas beats at a crazy rhythm, with high density traffic and side-walks filled to the point where it’s difficult to walk, let alone observe what’s around. Lights, horns, people dressed up as different characters all hoping for suckers to give them money to have their picture taken with them. It’s merchants fighting to get your money, with prices varying from dirt cheap to outrageously high for the same item(s).

Vegas is a range of enormous hotels displaying their glamour in hope that people will walk in and spend their money in their Casino, restaurants and/or boutiques. It is a big party where drinking on the street is not only legal, but it’s recommended. It is escorts’ pimps trying to fill your pockets with cards with half-nudes, hoping that you have had enough to drink to risk calling the number on the card.


If you’re in your 20’s and still on the party scene, or if you have never grown past that stage of your life, Vegas might be for you. If you are a gambler, Vegas also might be for you. If you are a bachelor looking for a place to have a great time, you may like the set-up.

But you see, I’m a bush guy, one who loves nature, silence and peaceful settings. I love the smell of the wilderness and looking at wildlife in its natural element. I’m a hunter, a fisherman, a camper. I’m also one who hates big crowds and shopping. Las Vegas, to me, was a big disappointment in spite of its magnitude and unbelievable attempts at visual impressions.

Not all negative

Even for someone like me though, Vegas had some things to offer. The food was outstanding as it seems like hotels are so competitive that they all but literally fight to get your business at their buffet tables. For less than what fast food costs anywhere in Canada (or the US for that matter), you get a full buffet with tons of selection.

One experience that I would recommend to anyone visiting Las Vegas is the downtown experience, especially at night. Fremont is basically the old Vegas Strip but the biggest difference being that the street is closed to traffic, leaving the entire area to pedestrian. It alleviates the condensation off the side-walks and allows for better set-ups for stages and entertainment. It’s like everyone is part of a big party, with people from all diversity in race and language spoken, but all sharing the same experience.

Bands, arts and all sorts of other entertainments mix in between Hotel and Casinos, as well as boutiques and restaurants. Further, there was an hourly 10 minute show presented on a screen which runs the entire length and width of Fremont. It was definitely one of my most positive experiences out there.

Here’s a video of a bartender I have met on Fremont. His name is Kristian and he was absolutely amazing! See for yourself!

Grandiose Canyon

If you are going to Las Vegas, please ensure to book some time to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon. If money is no issue, you probably want to enquire about their numerous helicopter tours but if you’re on a bit of a budget, a bus tour to the South end of the Grand Canyon might just be what the doctor ordered. This will keep you busy for an entire day and it promises to give you an experience of a lifetime.


The scenery is breath taking with multitudes of places to take outstanding photos. Taking the walk of approximately 2½ hours on a paved path will make you discover some of the most beautiful places where rock formations were formed millions of years ago. There are countless spots along the way where you will want to stop and take unique pictures of yourself or your loved ones.

To me, the Grand Canyon was the highlight of the trip. Still though, this country boy cannot be happier than finally being back home.

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