Hunting For a New Coach?


When a team is struggling the way the Montreal Canadiens have been in recent weeks, it doesn’t take much to get the grumpy and edgy Habs’ fans and media alike to jump to conclusions and listen a bit closer to the rumour mill. We’ve had a perfect example of that this past week when TSN’s Peter Yannopoulos tried to come up with a big scoop and fans jumped all over it… until Luc Gélinas of RDS put a wet towel on it.CarboRumour

It doesn’t change the fact that some media and many fans, in spite of Marc Bergevin clearly stating that he would keep head coach Michel Therrien in place for the rest of the season, are desperately trying to convince anyone who would listen that the Canadiens’ GM has lost his mind and should fire his coach.

Instead of watching his team play the Edmonton Oilers on Hockey Day in Canada from the Bell Centre, Bergevin is spending the weekend with the St. John’s Ice Caps, the Canadiens’ farm team whom, like the big club, has been struggling lately.

There is no doubt that Bergevin is there for two reasons:

  1. Analysing the talent, development and needs for the team for which he is also the GM; and
  2. Looking at Sylvain Lefebvre and his coaching staff to see how they handle the team’s prospects.

Bergevin is working very hard to acquire some immediate (and future) scoring help for the Canadiens and to get such players, you have to give some quality in return. Therefore, teams are asking for guys like Michael McCarron or Nikita Scherbak, who just returned from injury, and the Habs’ brass must try to assess if the discussions with other GM’s are worth considering.

The February 29th trade deadline is only three weeks away and Bergevin has shown that he likes to makes early moves. Expect something folks, and time will tell how big this will be. But in the meantime, don’t expect Mr. Bean to take over behind the bench.

Go Habs Go!

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