Mikkel Boedker Should Not Be a Top Priority


No but what’s with the hype amongst Habs’ fans with Mikkel Boedker may I ask? How many of those people are following the Arizona Coyotes’ games? From what I’m reading and taking into consideration that they are not often on television, they are not a big draw and they play in the western association, I’d guess very few.

Yet, it seems like there seems to be some infatuation that Boedker should be high on Marc Bergevin’s target list of players to acquire! Living in British Columbia, I get to watch my second favourite team, the Vancouver Canucks, more than I really should this season and with them being in a tight playoff race with the Coyotes, I tend to pay a bit more attention to the pending UFA. And I’ll tell you what: if Boedker is (or should be) the Canadiens’ top priority, the team is in a world of trouble and fans will be very disappointed.

What he has going for him is his age, as he turned 26 last month. He also has some decent offensive flair and is known for his speed, but that’s where it stops. Every time he’s on the ice, his team is in trouble in his zone, or so it seems. In spite of having 31 points in 40 games this season, Boedker has a team worse minus – 15, the only player in minus double-digits on the Coyotes.

Further, only 13 of Boedker’s 31 points were on the powerplay, which means that being minus – 15, he was on the ice 33 times for goals against his team at even strengths or on the powerplay. Amazing isn’t it? And don’t bring the team record as the Canadiens and the Coyotes now have similar records.

How would someone like him survive with a coach like Michel Therrien who, while encouraging offensive forecheck, also insists on back pressure and back check? Think about it folks… There are much, much better options out there.


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