Not so Happy Canada Day


On this Canada Day, I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness as opposed to the usual unconditional pride I have felt in the past. Truth is, I just don’t feel good about where this country is heading.

I was proud to be Canadian when:

  • charities were not victims of witch-hunts


  • Canada created work for its residents instead of sub-contracting to foreign aid, known for abusing its workers and fouling the environment


  • our rights to democracy was respected instead of legislated in favour of those in power


  • our country was amongst the leaders in topics like environment


  • I felt safer knowing that there were government officials monitoring my food safety


  • Canadian scientists and other government staff were free to speak about topics that affect me as a taxpayer and resident


  • we took pride in being role models at the integration of people of all origins


  • we acclaimed our military for their peace keeping efforts and welcomed them back with tears for the right reasons to hero status


  • our men and women in uniform were respected individuals worth protecting and investing into


  • the Privacy Act meant something


  • public servants and services were considered assets, not numbers and luxury


  • this country was capitalist, allowed to negotiate instead of being forced into soft dictatorship


  • Parliament and Senate were to discuss issues for the best of the majority, not to illegally navigate around laws and other Acts for self-serving agendas


  • common sense prevailed


Today, while I will never deny my origins and will always be proud of the values buried deep inside of me by my ancestors who were true Canadians, I am not so proud of what our country is becoming. I am not happy with the complaisance and unwillingness to stand up to injustice by some of my fellow countrymen. I will however stand up, even if I must stand alone, for the sake of our previous leaders and ancestors who are rolling in their graves seeing what this once proud country is slowly becoming under the leaders that we all know too well. I will do it so that one day, we can all wish each other a Happy Canada Day and feel the traditional pride to be Canadian.

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