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For someone who likes writing, there is no better comfort than being read, no matter if the readers fully agree or not with what is being written. And for someone who writes for the fun of it and not for money, it quickly becomes a hobby, a passion which hopefully is being felt by those reading the texts.

I started this blog exactly a year ago, as a way for my English speaking friends and family to be able to read what I was already writing in French on my own site, Little did I know that so many of you would come and read what was crossing my mind at any point in time, the way you have. Just last week, my Twitter account has reached the 500 followers mark, which is amazing considering that I don’t claim having any sources for rumours, and I’m certainly not a prominent figure or a professional writer in the sports world, far from there. But because of your support, I have made the decision to take the next step, to try to get you, readers, a better setting, a much bigger and better platform to read the stupidities that I have to say.

It is with great pleasure that I am joining what is already a great team of writers at All Habs Hockey Magazine and it is my hope that I will be able to live up to the high standards they have already attained. After all, you don’t rank 11th overall with over 45,000 followers on Twitter without quality content!

So this little blog will remain dormant for the time being, serving more as a source of archived articles. I owe it to All Habs to give them the exclusivity of my blogs and articles, although I will keep on having the same write-ups in French on

So thank you for your amazing support and click on the following link to see my profile on!

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