How much will Subban cost the Habs?

This summer has been a tough one for hockey in general, off the ice, with the tragic events that we know. Those events have, rightfully so, overshadowed some important hockey news and one of them is the length of time it took some teams to come to a new contract agreement with some young, RFA defensemen.

In the last week or so, three prominent young defensemen have reached an agreement with their respective team.

  • Zach Bogosian (WIN): $5 million for 2 years, $2.5M Cap Hit
  • Tyler Myers (BUF): $38.5 million for 7 years, $5.5M Cap Hit
  • Luke Schenn (TOR): $18 million for 5 years, $3.6M Cap Hit

One key player remains to be signed at the time of writing this column and I’m talking about Los Angeles stand out defenseman Drew Doughty.

There is one player, or at least his agent, who has been monitoring those signatures with a vast interest and that’s PK Subban, who is scheduled to become a RFA at the end of this coming season. Where exactly does Subban sit amongst the players mentioned above? With whom does he compare best? Let’s take a closer look:

Please note that the projection is not scientific by any means. I simply doubled Subban’s stats (even the +/-), not allowing for any improvement which can normally be expected at this stage of a player’s career. It was meant more to provide an idea on a close scale when it comes to games played.

But what if Subban’s numbers this coming season were on par with Drew Doughty? And how much will Doughty be getting once the dust settles?

In conclusion, this season will go a long way to decide how much Subban could expect for his next contract. It is my opinion that all things considered, he should get somewhere in the neibourhood of what Tyler Myers received.

The challenge for the Canadiens will come from the fact that there’s another young stud whose contract will need negotiating at the same time: Carey Price.

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