Andrei Kostitsyn pulls a Kovalev

A week after Alex Kovalev took a run at Clouston and the Ottawa reporters, Andrei Kostitsyn followed suit with troubling comments against the Canadiens and most particularly his coach Jacques Martin.

In an interview with Alexander Vankovich of, a Belarusian media, with his brother Sergei, Andrei came out with some rather shocking comments about his relationship with the Canadiens. Shocking not as much that what he said was true or not, but rather that he’d come out and state them publically. The reporter asked him some personal questions to which he refused to answer.

To the question about how they felt facing each other for the first time in a game between Nashville and Montreal, Sergei said that there was no particular emotion. Andrei replied: “That’s your most interesting question? How to play against your brother?”

He was then asked about his expectations for next year.

“I can’t predict about next year, I’m not in good terms with the coach. I’ve tried talking to him more than once, he doesn’t care. It wasn’t me who started to play badly; it’s just that I was being put into 3rd and 4th line. The coach used me in flashes, that’s why my season was all flashes”.

When it was suggested that perhaps he should play elsewhere, Kostitsyn replied : “I’m not thinking about that. My agent tells me to just play hockey”.

I’ve been comparing Andrei Kostitsyn to a cheap version of Kovalev with less talent for several years now, but I didn’t expect that it would be true off the ice. He is scheduled to become a UFA at season’s end. With those comments, it will be interesting to see if he’ll play under Jacques Martin. Let’s just say that it’s not the best way to patch a rocky relationship between both men.

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